Daily Work Management
A Success Factor for Managers

December 5, 2017
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January 22, 2016
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April 2, 2018
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While the 24 Hrs in a day is constant, how often you feel that your /your teams’ time is shrinking because of the increase in varieties of activities individual has to look after in your operations?

Daily Work Management ( DWM) has been a proven and widely used concept by leading companies to design-define-delegate works to department/individual in a team and review if the activities are directly contributing to overall companies target and growth.

The three major advantages of DWM


  1. Driven from annual target of organisation, each manager and their reportees understand their accountability and responsibilities clearly
  2. Reduces the duplication of work / responsibilities 
  3. Each and every activity of individual is linked with the company target and can be measured by percentage contribution 

Steps to Implement DWM

  1. Select a Target – The target mat be a departmental target or a strategic target given by top management. Example of departmental target in manufacturing is – Increase the Productivity of ABC item by 20 % in 6 Months.  Example of Strategic Target is – Reduce the manpower cost by 10% in 12 Months.
  2. Develop the Operational Map or Strategic Map – This step is mandatory for strategic target. However for departmental target also developing an operational map will help.
  3. Allocate in Strategy Deployment Matrix – A simple yet effective tool like this help granulate the target into implementable actions as well as allocate accountability and responsibility to all individuals. In other word we MPs and CPs (Managing Points and Checking Points) are the heart of a DWM mechanism
  4. Management Activity Chart – Once the accountability and responsibility are finalised, the individuals must develop a Management Activity Chart which may collate 1 to 6 month activity. This MAC is an integral part of successful DWM implantation.
  5. Work Prioritization Map – After developing thee MAC the manager must make a WPM ( Work Prioritization Map) to make sure all activities of MAC are prioritised and taken care of.
  6. Visual Management  – This is the heart of DWM and
  7. Gemba Walk – A time based  and structured Gemba Walk ( Work Place Walk) by the manger ensures that he / she never misses to review all area of his / her responsibilities
  8. Standing Meeting – Long Meeting are essentially a non effective for operational level managers. Hence they should adhere to a standard format (MPs and CPs) for things to be covered in a morning / sun rise meeting

DWM is a structured philosophy for manager to improve efficiency and effectiveness. A philosophy/system/tool if not planned well before execution will surely wont bring good results. It is the senior managers responsibility to ensure and continue the structured approach for a better DWM implementation.

(Click here to request for free samples and formats of Management Activity Chart, Work Priorotisation Map, Strategy Deployment Matrix, Strategy Map)

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