” We can Catch excellence if We Chase perfection “

Have you ever thought of why Excellence in manufacturing is required?
Tetrahedron Manufacturing Operational Excellence embraces certain principles and tools to create a culture of operational excellence within an organization. It means every employee can see, deliver, and improve the flow of value to customers and unlock profitability. It is aligned with processes CQS (COST, QUALITY, SAFETY) i.e, Cost of raw material, labor cost, overhead, profit margin; Quality includes – management, labor, and motivation; Safety includes Personnel, Asset of organization and Environment factors also it covers emergency area and training.

Hold our hand to increase profitability up to 10% to 20% by implementing Advanced and Best Manufacturing Practices for Lean Methods and Cost Reduction in Man-Power, Process, Material, Space & Layout, Energy, System Standardization, and Employee Competency & Skill Improvement.

  • Manpower Cost Reduction
    – Implementation of various Low cost & Zero Cost Automation Systems
    -Implementation of improvements in Cycle time and motion study
    -Man Power utilization

  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Improvement
    – Improvement in reliability-centered maintenance.
    – Better Planning for Preventive Maintenance
    – Changeover Time Reduction through SMED
    – Reduction in Minor stoppages & slow speed
    – Improvement in start-up and shut down procedures and compliance.

  • Zero Waste: Productivity Improvement.
    -Implementation of Time & Motion Study and reduction in NVAs.
    -ZCA(Zero Cost Automation) & LCA(Low-Cost Automation)
    -Implementation of Lean Layouting & Material Handling Optimization

We are an implementation-based management consulting company, which provides end-to-end services and also helps you in business sustenance. It helps the organization to challenge itself and achieve its optimum potential by :

  • 100% Employee Engagement
    – Increases Moral of the employees
    – Increases ownership in the employees
    – Excellent working and Learning environment
    – Work balancing

  • Zero Breakdown
    -Implementation of My Machine Campaign & CLITA
    -Reduction in Machine Losses
    -RCA for Breakdown
    -Scheduling of Preventive Maintenance

  • Zero Accident
    -Implementation of OH & S Management System
    -Implementation of all the Safety KPIs
    -Implementation of Workplace & Safety
    -Implementation of HIRA
    -Standardization of all the Safety Signage

  • Zero Fatigue
    – MSD Risk Factor Reduction
    – Workmen Fatigue Reduction
    – Employee Productivity Enhancement
    – Effectiveness Measurement

  • Zero Effect
    -Reduction in Carbon Footprint
    -Energy Cost Reduction

  • Zero Defect
    -Production Yield
    -Measuring the Customer Quality in PPM
    -Identifications & Closing of QMS NC
    -Solutions for Chronic Quality Problems
    -Implementation of Poka-Yoke(Mistake Proofings)

  • Zero Loss
    -Manufacturing Cost Reduction
    -Improvement in COPQ
    -Line Efficiency Improvement

  • Zero Delivery Failure
    -Lead Time Reduction
    -Reduction in WIP storage
    -Inventory Cost Reduction
    -Elimination of waste in between the Process

  • 100% Sustenance
    -The only way to remain sustainable is by a structured Manufacturing Excellence Approach and proper training calendar for training and retraining employees with the best training content. It changes the company’s competitive position in the marketplace.

Learn more with us about reducing costs and sustaining at the desired position in the market.

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