Robust KPI, KPA, JD & DWM For Employees

Skill Assessment

Define SOP’s

Execution Time-Line

 Stage  Deliverable
Develop Duties and Responsibilities

  • List out the Responsibilities, Related Duties by using Job Description
  • Roles & Responsibilities at different Levels in the hierarchy
Skill Development for individual department

  • Design The Relevant Skill Detail Required for the Responsibility  & Accountability
  • Relevant Skill Set
Hierarchy Development

  • Develop Hierarchy of The Skill Detail in action word in ILUO or LPDC or AUEM  Format
  • Hierarchy Defining

Skill Assessment Criteria Development

  • Develop Related Question / Practical Test for each Skill hierarchy
  • Practical Test defined as per SOP, Standard Cycle Time, Design Specification, Quality Specification
  • Skill Assessment Test Paper
  • Practical Assessment SOPs
Skill Assessment

  • Conduct Skill Assessment as per the defined Qn. Sets and practical
  • Employee Skill Score

Case Studies

Competency Matrix Implementation across the Organization

(Leading Footwear Manufacturer)

( Gurgaon )

Challenges : (Before Tetrahedron)

  • There was no standard established to evaluate the competency of individual staffs
  • No Department level skill were defined

Approaches : 

Tetrahedron’s HR Consultant team conducted a preliminary assessments of all the individual staff through the Tetrahedron’s standard matrix which consist of Standard Assessment Qns. and procedure. TMS on-site consultant helped all the departmental HODs and staff to monitor assess the level of skill they currently acquired and target skill sets. TMS senior consultant team trained the staff team to improve their existing skill level.

Results :

  • All departments competency matrix developed
  • Standard HR Strategy is implemented across the organization.

Successful Implementation of Competency Matrix

(Leading Heavy Machinery Manufacturer)

( Ranchi )

Challenges : (Before Tetrahedron)

  • Performance Monitoring System was not Quantitative it was Qualitative.

Approaches : 

Tetrahedron’s HR Consultant conducted a initial gap audit of the HR system. TMS team shared the opportunities of Improvement (OFI) points with client and conducted a one-to-one interview to assess the current skill level and developed a implementation plan to improve the employee skill score.

Results :

  • New Competency Matrix Implemented
  • Employee Productivity and Skill significantly improved.

Benefits Of Competency Mapping

  • Provides comprehensive view of Skill required
  • Visual Management System
  • Employee Skill Score Improvement
  • Planning for New Skills Skill Required
  • Improve Employee Engagement Skill Required
  • Improve Employee Productivity Improvement
  • Succession Planning
  • Transparency in Performance Monitoring 

To Develop the Desired Competency for the Job roles in your organization



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