7 Tools For Effective Performance Management

March and April are the 2 most critical months in the term of the annual appraisal. It is of paramount importance to equip human resource managers with a set of proven tools to effectively steer through reviewing current year performance and layout the plan for the next financial year. 

7 Tools For Effective Performance Management

Course Objective

This one-day session will enable the HR managers/business unit heads to map employee performance in a holistic way, share performance summary with top management and strategies whole gamut of activity to improve company profitability

The main objective of the session is to enable the managers to choose tools based on the work that they need to perform and they should consider how different tools can work with each other.

Who Should Attend

Human Resource Managers 

Recruitment Managers

Manufacturing Managers

Business Unit Head

Training Manager

Account Manager

Management Representative

Benefits of Attending

  • Carry out performance appraisal based on achievement of performance identified objectively
  • The appraisal includes competency (skills), knowledge, as well as potential to contribute to Departmental indices
  • A system of recognition and motivation based on fairness and precise appraisal process which has good standards and which is computer-aided
  • Enhance efficiency and productivity by eliminating non-value added manual/subjective inputs
  • Introduce BSC (Balanced Score Card) Pattern, then categorize each goal into one of the following categories: Customer, Financial, Internal Business Process, Learning and Growth
  • Develop KPA, KPIs for all employees tracker
  • Mention a measurable target to be achieved and time frame for achievement of the Goal
  • Make a strategy for recruitment, skill development, and succession planning

Workshop Agenda

Introduction to Appraisal System

To understand the basic definition and approach for performance appraisal and benefits of a robust appraisal system

Performance Evaluation

To map the performance of each individual and see its linkage with the company overall goal

KRA and KPI Evaluation

Analysis of KRA and KPI and evaluate to see its comprehensiveness and linkage with the company goal 

Performance Appraisal

Convert outcome of evaluation to a structured appraisal system.

MIS Development for Appraisal

Develop comprehensive appraisal MIS for top management review along with action plan development for next year

Review Mechanism Sync

Develop a mechanism for a synchronized KRA and KPI review and it time course correction for optimum goal achievement

Role of Managers in Appraisal

The role managers play is critical and they must cover all aspects of evaluation and appraisal with a set of best practices and effective tools

Training Deliverables

Feedback From Past Participants

“Helped look into our appraisal system and linking to our Company Vision”

“Crisp and comprehensive MIS helped top managers analyze people-performance”

“ I never thought Performance Appraisal will be  nee will be so easy to understand and implement”

“Must for all HR personnel”

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He has helped companies turn-around by implementing Manufacturing Excellence through Lean, Statistical Quality Control, Six Sigma, Strategy Management

He is a passionate reader and have inclination to solve complex business problems within very short span of time.

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