Big Data Science and Data Analytics

Companies now handle vast amounts of data on a daily basis, and sorting, storing, and analyzing this data is more challenging than ever. Properly leveraged data can give organizations of all types a competitive advantage. Analytics professionals can extract useful information from data and increase the ROI of a business

Course Objective

Manufacturers can use big data to reduce risk in delivery, regardless of what may happen in the chain of supply. Using big data analytics, companies have access to information to adjust for potential delays.  Statistics on seasonal purchasing patterns and other predictive analytics allow companies to calculate any possible delays for delivery to and from their supplier.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior Managers
  • Cross-Functional Team
  • Customer Relationship Managers
  • All Dept head and Managers
  • Manufacturing Heads
  • HR Managers
  • Maintenance and Plant Engineers
  • Manufacturing Business Analyst

Benefits of Attending

Data analysis project/workshop includes selected aspects of data science and data analysis from the operation management perspective that will enable the participants to

1.Understand the basis of existing data system of their company

2. Develop a plan for the collection of relevant data and make the structure for keeping the data

3. Filter, cleanse, structure and manage the data for use as per analytics requirements

4. Apply statistical tools for data analysis and create decision-making elements based on the outcome of data analysis

5. Visualize the existing business problem and select the most appropriate tool for data analysis

6. Create dashboard and MIS for ease of reference and decision making

7. Can hand-hold other team member and lead a team for executing data analysis in a given business problem

Workshop Agenda

Module 1 – 2 Days

Introduction to Data Analytics. Introduction to Statistics and methods

Descriptive Statistics, Probability Distributions

Inferential Statistics through hypothesis tests

Project Work on Module 1: 1 Set Test on Module 1


Module 2 – 2 Days

Review of Project Work on Module 1

Regression & ANOVA ( Analysis of Variance)

Ordinary Least Squares, Ridge Regression, K Nearest Neighbors Regression & Classification

Project Work on Module 2: 2 Set of Test on Module 2


Module 3 – 2 Days

Review of Project Work on Module 2

Clustering, Associative Rule Mining, Challenges for big data analytics

Creating data for analytics through designed experiments

Real Time Project Selection: 5 Groups select 5 projects


Module 4 – 2 Days


Project Real Time Project on existing business challenges

Stepwise discussion with all 5 groups on tools used and how to optimize the data analytics tool

Project Review Presentation to Top Management

Guideline for Project Process and Refinement for implementation


Module 5 – 2 Day


Final Project Review with all 5 group

Group-wise discussion, MIS and Dashboard of analysis outcome, preparation for the presentation

Final Presentation to Top Management

Certification Ceremony: Certificate for Best Analytics Project with maximum impact on business

Training Deliverables

Feedback From Past Participants

“It helps to get the first-hand idea on how to take the financial decision”

“This session helped our department to know where were we falling in profit”

“ This financial acumen not only help you in work but also in the personal financial decision”

“Our managers are now financially smarter than before”

Know Your Trainer

B Tech from IIT Roorkee, PGDM  from IIM Calcutta and is an Ex IES officer with 14+ yrs of intensive experience in Manufacturing Sector.

He has helped manufacturing companies turn-around by implementing Manufacturing Excellence through Lean, Six Sigma, Manufacturing Strategy, Quality Management System and New Product Development.

He is a passionate reader and has the inclination to solve complex business problems within a very short span of time.

@Tetrahedron Manufacturing Services Pvt Ltd

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