Business Simulation – Multi Layer Domain Specific

In a business simulation, professionals work together to consider new information presented to them, then make decisions, plan strategies and take action

Tetrahedron’s business simulations build in the manufacturing business drivers that are relevant to the industry.

Business simulation

Course Objective

Business simulations engage participants in their own learning process, they develop real understanding.

The iterative process of simulation with multiple vertical / CFTs working together with quickly changing scenario makes the participants more agile in terms of taking a decision.

Each participant brings a different point of view to the simulation and learns even more when taking a role outside of his or her comfort zone

Who Should Attend

  • Senior Managers
  • Cross-Functional Team
  • Customer Relationship Managers
  • All Dept head and Managers
  • Manufacturing Heads
  • HR Managers
  • Maintenance and Plant Engineers
  • Manufacturing Business Analyst

Benefits of Attending

Business Simulation is based on foundations of the ‘learning by doing’ concept and improve the participants’ ability for acceptance of failures, and deriving valuable learning from them.

The participants will be trained on business acumen and will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to implement a strategic plan, take quick and informed decision & managing uncertainty.

This session will help the participants to

1.Simulate the manufacturing environment of their plant / similar manufacturing unit

2.Visualize in broad perspective the various elements of business and their impact of daily work management/companies overall performance

3. Take quick and agile decisions by a set of tool that will be most suitable for the given situation

4.Understand one by one the changing constraints from Production Planning and Control,  Breakdown and Maintenance Activity, Upstream and Down Stream Supply Chain and the impact of these constraints on business result/productivity and profitability of the company

5. Take leadership in the various difficult  and ambiguous situation to reach an optimized solution

Workshop Agenda

  1. Introduction
  • Session Introduction
  • Mapping the Business Process
  1. Simulation Techniques Guideline
  • Step by Step Simulation Guide
  • Introduction to constraints
  • How to run the simulation
  • How to optimize result based on constraints
  1. Sim Level 1 – Operation Mgmt
  • Understanding the business case w.r.t. operation management
  • Constraint Placements
  • Role Play by other departments
  • Situation Analysis with existing constraint
  • Simulation and Analysis
  • Result Sharing – Level 1
  1. Sim Level 2 – Operation + Maintenance
  • Include Constraints from Maintenance (critical machine breakdown scenario)
  • Situation Analysis with existing constraint
  • Simulation and Analysis
  • Result Sharing – Level 2
  1. Simulation Level 3 – Operations + Maintenance + Supply Chain
  • Include constraints from suppliers (Sudden decrease in supply)
  • Include constraints from customers ( sudden increase in demand)
  • Situation Analysis with existing constraint
  • Simulation and Analysis
  • Result Sharing – Level 3

6.Sim Level 4

  • HR Constraints – Manpower absenteeism, strike and IR issues
  • NPD Constraints– New Requirement from customer
  • SOB Constraints – Loss of Sales from existing customer, new supplier entrants

7. Best Practices in Manufacturing

8. List of tools for decision making

9.Session Summary and Feedback

10.Apreciation & Certification by Mgmt

Feedback From Past Participants

“This is one of the most exciting session I have attended. Truly an eye opener for us to realize where we need to focus”

“The iterative session structure coupled with real-time experience of the trainer it was exactly the same challenge we face in our daily manufacturing routine”

“It was more of a learning session with a lot of fun. It will ask you to jump out of your comfort zone”

Know Your Trainer

B Tech from IIT Roorkee, PGDM  from IIM Calcutta and is an Ex IES officer with 14+ yrs of intensive experience in Manufacturing Sector.

He has helped manufacturing companies turn-around by implementing Manufacturing Excellence through Lean, Six Sigma, Manufacturing Strategy, Quality Management System and New Product Development.

He is a passionate reader and has the inclination to solve complex business problems within a very short span of time.

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