CPIM – Certified in Production & Inventory Management

CPIM training is intended for professionals who wish to develop themselves in the overall

field of operations management, from forecasting the demand for products and services to the delivery to the customer, including order management, production process management, capacity management, stock management and choice of transportation.

CPIM – Certified in Production & Inventory Management

Course Objective

CPIM is designed with a clear objective and structured approach to help participants to Improve and update their functional knowledge of production and stock management, Increase the efficiency of the processes in their organization and supply chain, Streamline operations by adopting a more effective organization of the provision of information, Provide more accurate business results forecasts, Optimize the return on investment (ROI) for business systems and technology & Increase the profitability by optimizing stock levels.

Who Should Attend

Supply Chain Manager

Manufacturing & Operation Manager

All Dept head and Managers

Manufacturing Business Analyst

Business Consultants

logistics Professionals

PPC head and Engineers

Management Representative

Benefits of Attending

CPIM is one of the most structured and effective programs that will help the participants to become an expert in operations and supply chain management.

This session will help the participants to

1.Visualize the Overview of the guiding concepts for supply chain management within the organization and can develop value streams running through the organization from internal and external suppliers

2. Take decision on a higher ‘planning level’ with regard to production output and about checking the feasibility of the planning schedule to meet the business objectives and the capacity constraints at the same time

  1. Review the master planning and the planning schedule and develop detailed planning for material and capacity plan based on the availability of stocks

4. Prioritize and allocate production orders, the implementation of planned activities, the use of status and control information regarding the production and schedule status of the planning

5.translate relevant internal and external situations and developments into a business strategy that is appropriate for the company

Workshop Agenda

MODULE 1 – Basics of Supply Chain Management

Elements of the Supply Chain, Just-in-Time (JIT), TQM (TQM), Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP II), Planning Demand Capacity Management, Lean, Theory of Constraints

MODULE 2 – Master Planning of Resources

Demand management and customer service, Principles, and management of master scheduling and capacity planning, Organizational issues of master scheduling, Measuring the performance of the master planning processes, Choice of Distribution Systems Planning and warehouse issues

MODULE 3 -Detailed Scheduling and Planning

Inventory classification and stock policies, Impact of Lean Production concepts on inventory management, Techniques Used for Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Capacity management in repetitive manufacturing, process industry and service industries, Developing a purchasing strategy, Establishing and controlling supplier relationships

MODULE 4 – Execution and Control of Operations

Techniques for scheduling production operations , Sharing information with suppliers and customers to and use of technology ,Identification and management of bottlenecks in available capacity, Authorization- execution and reporting systems in push and pull in, Lean manufacturing related to creation of flow and waste reduction, Design and management of quality improvement processes, Statistical Techniques for Evaluating product and process quality

MODULE 5 – Strategic Management of Resources

Developing the business strategy  for external and internal evaluation, Process layout choices and competitive strategy, Supply chain networks and rivalry, Managing the Bullwhip effect in supply chains, Sustainability and corporate social responsibility, Choice of Key Performance Indicators for Evaluating Strategic progress, Implementing and Managing Organizational Change

Training Deliverables

Feedback From Past Participants

“My team is now more equipped with tools and full with confidence to create a more systematic production system  and more importantly can follow it with ease”

“In our industry inventory is something that creates a fine line of difference profit and loss and this session with related examples and case studies had helped us to use tools that are completely new”

“The 4 stages of making a plan for operation is going to help me train and help my people to follow the structured way of doing things”.

Know Your Trainer

B Tech from NIT Rourkela, PGDM  from IIM Calcutta with 14+ yrs of intensive experience in Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Training & Skill Development Sector.

He has helped manufacturing companies turn-around by implementing Manufacturing Excellence through Lean, Six Sigma, Manufacturing Strategy.

He had been selected by Govt of India to represent Manufacturing Management International Program at Japan to benchmark International practices.

@Tetrahedron Manufacturing Services Pvt Ltd

Phone : +91 7042140046         Email: training@tetrahedron.in

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