Change Management

With change a constant in today’s corporate world, even carefully crafted formulas for strategic success are short-lived; competitors are apt to copy them in order to gain an advantage over another organization.

Companies need to be proactive through ongoing assessment and readjustment of structures, teams and processes so they can quickly react to the ever changing marketplace.

change management

Course Objective

After going through Change Management training participants will understand and learn about:

  • Learn how to plan, control, and adjust the change process in a more timely manner.
  • Understand the critical role of Change Management in project success.
  • Learn a range of strategies and tactics to manage change effectively.
  • Learn how to implement the changes needed to improve performance management.
  • Understanding of the emotional impact of change on performance and how to manage it productively.

Who Should Attend

Top Managements                 Planning Managers        Human Resources

Business Managers               Marketing Managers     

Business Analysts                 Project Managers


Benefits of Attending

This workshop is designed to help staff cope with change, even if this is enforced change.

By understanding how we are affected by change and the natural way we deal with change, we are able to help staff build up a coping strategy, that will help them to adapt to ever changing environments.

Change Management training workshop will offer following benefits:

  • Create a stronger working relationship among all levels of management, staff, and stakeholders.
  • Identify strengths, resources and skills that result in successful change.
  • Develop emotionally intelligent methods to manage change that take into account people’s different attitudes and feelings.
  • Establish appropriate governance structures for process and people change.
  • Analyze, improve, design and develop processes to meet stakeholder needs.
  • Develop a range of skills, to successfully help manage change in an organization.
  • Analyze the attitude to change, of those involved in a change process.

Workshop Agenda

Overview of Change Management 

What is change management?, Change starts with a vision, Characteristics of an effective vision, what about a strategy?

Why change management is necessary?, Barriers to change management.

Change Leadership & Role of Leaders in Change Management

Overview of the leader’s role for managing change, Roles and responsibilities for change, Why do change efforts fail?,

Eight Errors Common to Organizational Change Efforts and Their Consequences, Change management vs. change leadership Change Management Model, Transformational vs. transactional leadership, Value of leadership.

Commitment and Motivation During Times of Change

Commitment and motivation during times of change.

Building employee commitment to change.

Case Studies Discussion

Understanding of various successful change management case studies of many world class companies.

Proven Frameworks for Effective Change Management

Phase one: Increase Urgency, Phase two: Build the Guiding Team, Phase  three: Get the Vision Right, Phase four: Communicate for Buy-In, Phase five: Empower Action, Phase six: Create Short –Term Wins, Phase  seven: Don’t Let Up, Phase eight: Make Change Stick

Analysis of Best Practices for Organizational Change

Eight Accelerators, Power of small wins, Dialogic Leadership

Communication Strategy

Building a Strategy, Involving Key Stakeholders in Communications Efforts, Determining Message Content, Identifying Most Effective Communication Channels, Ensuring Follow-Up

Managing the Emotions in Change

Bridges’ Three Phases of Transitions

Phase 1: Ending, Losing, Letting Go

Phase 2: The Neutral Zone

Phase 3: The New Beginning, Additional Tips to Addressing Resistance

Feedback From Past Participants

The trainer guidance has helped us to determine and evaluate opportunities for change and creativity in service, supply chain, product, communication or organizational strategy.”

“This workshop helped us to better understanding of the five key lenses for leading change.”

“This workshop had the knowledge about the roles and responsibilities for change within the organization.”

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