Compressors play a very essential role in many industrial plants. Centrifugal compressors in general runs at very high speeds and are exposed to high temperatures. The compressor performance also is affected by the variation in operating conditions. Accurate instrumentation, monitoring, trouble shooting and maintenance programs are essential for maintaining and increasing the available time of the machines.

Course Objective

After going through Compressor technical training participants will understand and learn about:

  • Learn how centrifugal compressors deal with thrust forces.
  • Understand the operation of a typical centrifugal compressor lubrication system.
  • Understand the purpose of a purge system.
  • Learn the capacity control methods used in centrifugal compressors.

Learn about the compressor types, how they operate, their common problems, and perform troubleshooting techniques

Who Should Attend :

Senior Management                   Maintenance Managers              

Supervisors                                 Project Managers                       

Maintenance Engineers              Process Managers

Instrumentation Managers

Benefits of Attending

Compressor failures can cause significant problems from delays in production to the possible shutdown of the whole plant. However, good compressor operation and maintenance can cost-effectively maximize compressor life expectancy:

while improving its reliability and availability to meet output requirement.

Compressor technical training workshop will offer following benefits:

  • Evaluating and augmenting the efficiency of compressor operation resulting in reduced energy consumption.
  • Improving the knowledge of best practices and troubleshooting techniques to avoid and mitigate compressor failures.
  • Identifying the criteria that can assist in cost-effective compressor selection.
  • Using appropriate maintenance technologies to maximize compressor reliability and availability.
  • Benchmarking compressor performance against industry standards.

Defining the technical features and vulnerabilities of dynamic and positive displacement compressors.

Workshop Agenda

Introduction to Compressors

What is a Compressor?, How Compressors work?, Comparison between positive displacement and Rotor dynamic compressors, Types of positive displacement Compressors, Compressor Classification and Type Selection.

Different Types of Compressors

Dynamic – Ejector, Radial (Centrifugal) Compressor, Axial Compressor

Positive Displacement

Rotary – Sliding Vane Compressor, Liquid Ring Compressor, Screw Compressor, Lobe (Roots) Compressor

Reciprocating – Trunk type, Crosshead Type

Principles of Centrifugal Compressors

– Centrifugal Compressors Technology

– Centrifugal Compressor Design and Construction

– Function of Compressor components.

Compressor Arrangements and Control

Compressor arrangements, Auxiliary Systems, Centrifugal Compressor Performance & Control, The Performance Curves, Compressor map, Limits of Flow rates, Surge line and Stone line, Limits of operating speed.

Centrifugal Compressors

Centrifugal Compressor Principle, Capacity of Compressor, Head of Compressor, Surging and Anti Surge, Thrust Balancing, Sealing Arrangement, Bearing Arrangement

Double Acting, Single and Multi Stage Reciprocating Compressor

Principle of Operation, Lubrication of Reciprocating Compressor, Compressor Valves, Piston, Piston Elements, Runout and Piston End Clearances, Stuffing Box and Rod Packing elements, Compressor Control System

Compressor Operation

– The compressor permissive to start

– Typical compressor valve arrangement

– Pre start valve positions, Purge cycle

– The anti surge control valve position

– Normal start up, Normal shut down

– Emergency shut down

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Preventive and predictive maintenance, Principles of troubleshooting, Alignment and Balancing, Condition monitoring systems, Pressure and temperature measurements, Effective Diagnoses systems, Vibration Analysis

Feedback From Past Participants

“This workshop helped us to improve the knowledge of best practices and troubleshooting techniques to avoid and mitigate compressor failures.”

“This workshop had the knowledge about the protection systems of centrifugal compressor systems.”

“The trainer guidance has helped us to learn about the latest techniques to compressor condition monitoring”

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