Design Review Based on Failure Mode is a technique concentrated on change management and nonstop, permanent improvement. DRBFM focuses on failure prevention on early stages and depends on engineering knowledge. It was developed based on the philosophy that design problems occur when changes are made to existing engineering design that has already been proven successful.

Design Review Based on Failure Mode

Course Objective

Understand and describe the relationship between engineering and management knowledge

Establish requirements for an effective DRBFM

Record all the design, validation, and production actions

Gain and maintain consistency and proficiency of DRBFM

Who Should Attend

Manufacturing engineering

Product engineers

Design engineers

Quality engineers

Validation and test engineers

Managers leading any of the above teams

New Product Development Mangers

Validation and Test Engineers

Senior Engineers

Benefits of Attending

DRBFM is a focused process that supports an engineering mindset and eliminates waste, such as debating rankings and mindless brainstorming. 

It centers on early prevention and engineering knowledge, eliminating time spent debating ranking systems, waiting for lead engineers to document and list their concerns, identifying what types of concerns are open for discussion and resolution, and brainstorming without any actionable closure.

This DRBFM Training will provide roles and responsibilities of management, design engineers, manufacturing engineers, facilitators, and technical experts.

Those interested in DRBFM will benefit from understanding the rationale behind this methodology and learn to guide teams through the paradigm shifts and mindset that are needed.

DRBFM focuses on three things for better review:

Good Design

Good Discussion

Good Dissection

Workshop Agenda

DRBFM Procedure, Forms, Planning and Preparation

Scope and Purpose

Process Map – General Requirements

Planning – Formats, examples

Planning Results and Output

Preparation – Formats, examples

Preparation Results and Linkage with DRBM Format

Definition of Change Section

DRBFM – Forum 1, Design Review, Action Results and Follow Up

Engineer analysis

Change Point definition

Identification of concerns

Identification of causes and influences on the vehicle

Identification of effects

Identification of severity/priority

Actions to gain engineering knowledge – evidence

DRBFM – Forum 2, Design Review, Action Results and Follow Up

Design Review introduction

Change Point overview

Identification of additional concerns

Identification of additional causes and influences on the product

Identification of effects

Identification of severity/priority

Actions taken to eliminate concerns

Design actions to gain engineering knowledge – evidence

Validation actions to gain evidence of reliability

Manufacturing, assembly, and supplier actions

Action results and feedback to design guidelines

Roles and responsibilities

Training Deliverables

Feedback From Past Participants

“This workshop has helped in reviewing the engineering designs time and time again”

“Our  design quality level has been improved significantly”

“It gives a better idea for a design and to review its failure modes”

“Must for all manufacturing companies”

“This workshop guided us to go through the present design before going for further modification of designs.

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