Finance for Non-Finance Manager (FNFM)

Finance is the backbone of any organization. A team euipped with various financial decision making tools can bring better result to drive your organizations’s growth, visualize the impact of your financial decisions and your unit’s as well as your organizations profitability.

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Course Objective

This 2 day session will enable the managers across the board to gain a basic understanding of finance and accounting and general financial knowledge and
an in-depth understanding of the impact of your decisions outside your functional area. Understand how to develop plans that result in success.

Who Should Attend

Senior Managers

Operation Managers  Business Unit Head  Training Manager

HR & Recruitment Managers

Marketing Managers  Line Managers

Project / Program Managers

Benefits of Attending

The content of the course includes selected aspects  of finance from a non-financial specialist  perspective. Specific topics include: financial  analysis; planning, forecasting, and budgeting;  cash flow, and strategic financing. This class will  be interactive and will require the active  involvement of the participants in finance  related activities.

Explain the importance of finance and  interpretation of financial information that will  help the senior manager to analyze the financial  health of the organisation

Apply the concepts of accounting and finance to  analyze financials and help other to understand  the same.

Learn about key accounting and finance terms that is used on daily basis

Examine financial statements by using key  ratios and create MIS for senior management .

Explain the importance of budgeting process  and take part actively in annual and periodic  budgeting and control activity.

Workshop Agenda

Financial Statements

Understanding the accounting cycle, The five  main accounts in financial statements, Income  statement: tool for performance measurement,  Accrual basis versus cash basis, Balance sheet:  tool for financial position, The balanced status,  Statement of owners’ equity, Statement of cash  flows: cash is king

Analysis of Financial Statements

Why are ratios useful, Horizontal and trend  analysis, Vertical analysis: common size  statements, Liquidity ratios: ability to settle  short-term dues, Solvency ratios: ability to settle  long-term dues, Activity ratios: ability to  manage assets efficiently, Profitability ratios,  Limitations of financial ratio analysis

Working Capital Management  

Definition of working capital and working  capital management, Working capital management strategies for current assets –Balancing profitability and liquidity, Working.

Concept of Financial Management

Accounting versus finance: rules and responsibilities,  Three pillars of finance, Financing decisions, Investing  decisions, Operating decisions

Breakeven Analysis and Decision Making

Defining fixed costs, Defining variable costs,  Contribution margin formula, Computing breakeven  point, Sensitivity analysis: changing assumptions  Operating Budget Process and Techniques

What is an operating budget, Steps to budget  development, Master budget components, Sales  forecasting, Approaches to budgeting, Incremental  budgeting, Zero-based budgeting, Budgetary control  and correction

Capital Budgeting: The Investing Decisions  Examples of exercises involving capital budgeting  exercise, Time value of money: a prerequisite for  investing decisions, Required rate of return for  investments, Examples of cash outflows for capital  projects, Examples of cash inflows for projects, Net

Training Deliverables

Feedback From Past Participants

“It helps to get first hand idea on how to take financial decision”

“This session helped our department to  know where were we falling in profit”

“This financial acumen not only help you in  work but also in personal financial decision”

“Our managers are now financially smarter then before”

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