Industry 4.0 – Gear Up for Next Revolution

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 and Smart manufacturing both are topics of high international relevance. They are currently the topic of intense debate both in the academic literature and in the practical context as the 4th Industrial Revolution.

As per a recent survey of top CEOs of manufacturing companies, suppliers who are prepared for this 4th revolution will be able to attract more business and customers. Hence Indian Manufacturing companies must get prepared for I 4.0 to reap the benefit of “connected Business”

Course Objective

The fourth Industrial Revolution (i4.0) is now the “must have” for Indian Smart Manufacturing Companies. And some manufacturers are already taking the lead. This session explains what are the focus area to secure value and create a competitive advantage in today’s environment.

This session will help companies to evaluate the applicability of Industry 4.0, develop strategy and implement Industry 4.0 for improving their overall organizational performance.

Who should attend


All Senior Manager

Operation and Supply Chain Manager

ERP Professionals / Engineers

Maintenance Manager

PPC head and Engineers

Management Representative

Quality Manager

NPD Managers

Benefits of Attending

This workshop will enable the participants to think and execute how I4.0 will help them in deep and fundamental business challenges like changing customer preferences, cost and capital pressures, shorter product lifecycles, new sources of disruptive competition and an incessantly quickening pace of business

This session will help the participants to

  • Map the existing business process as per Industry 4.0 applicability and focus organizational performance measurement
  • Evaluate the present system and develop a deep understanding of how Industry 4.0 is going to help them in Organizational Performance
  • Develop Pilot projects for Industry 4.0 to showcase the Business Impact and deploy pilot learning to other areas of business
  • Create alignment between corporate strategy and Industry 4.0 roadmap and develop 1Yr – 3Yr – 5 Yr Roadmap for Execution
  • Identify the barriers and challenges and be ready to address these during the implementation of Industry 4.0
  • Create robust change management plans and think carefully about the people, governance and cultural impacts of I 4.0 decisions
  • Train and hand-hold other team members to understand and prepare for execution

Workshop Agenda

An Introduction to Industry 4.0

From Industry 1.0 to 4.0: Evolution of Industry 4.0 as the next generation digital transformation for the organization. Things one should know about Factories 4.0 (Innovation 4.0 + Industry 4.0+ Economy 4.0). The digitization of value chain, product and service offerings, digital business model and customer access.

Characteristics and Building Blocks of Industry 4.0

What are the main characteristics of Industry 4.0, Understanding what are various building Block of the Industry 4.0 and how you can apply them in your industry:

– Additive Manufacturing

– Autonomous Robots

– Augmented Reality

– Big Data

– Cyber Security

– Horizontal and Vertical System

– Integration

– Internet of Things

– Simulation

Challenges before Industry 4.0 transition

Understand various challenges for the transition to Industry 4.0 and how they can be overcome:

  • Policy Framework-Standards, Regulations, Certifications
  • High Investment-ROI and Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Employee Qualification and Skill-Bridging the Gap
  • Data Security-Use of sharing of Data
  • Network Stability
  • Support from Top Management-TOP driven model

Readiness for I 4.0

Evaluate your maturity by Mapping your company for Industry 4.0 in terms of

  • Competitiveness
  • Opportunities and Risk
  • Available Resources-Man-Machine-Material

How to  Develop Strategy for Industry 4.0 application using various tools like 360 Degree Digital Meter.

Creating a Pilot Project

Developing a Plan for Pilot to realize the preparedness and customize Industry 4.0 as per organizational culture. Effectively utilizing the Pilot experience in other areas of business. Developing the blueprint/strategy for Successful Implementation of “New Initiatives”

Industry 4.0 Solutions and Strategy

Exploring solution and strategy to manage your transition to Industry 4.0 in 5 Years-3 Years-1Years  by

  • Vertical Networking
  • Horizontal Integration
  • Through Engineering
  • Exponential Technologies

Learning from Examples: Digital Manufacturing, Digital Quality Management, Digital Poka Yoke, Predictive Maintenance, etc.

Possible Future Factories: Various Case Scenarios

  • Case 1: Components as Information Carriers
  • Case 2: Efficient Production
  • Case 3: Additive Manufacturing
  • Case 4: Digital Warehousing Operations



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