Negotiation Skill

Negotiation skill is striving for a win-win situation, aiming for satisfied customers, a healthy organization and personal success. It also means striving for maximum results without adversely affecting your relationship with the buyer. However, this road is full of pitfalls. You will have to deal with emotions and non-rational arguments.

Negotiation Skill

Course Objective

The art of negotiation is as important a business skill as it ever has been. Strong negotiation skills can be the difference between a beneficial compromise and a loss.

Negotiation Skill is also important when you are dealing with vendors. The person dealing with the external parties must be a good negotiator else he will end up paying more amount than required.

Who Should Attend

Customer Relationship Manager

Sales Manager and Executives

Management Representatives

Department Heads

HR Managers

Line Leader

Operation Managers

Purchase and SQA Team

Benefits of Attending

During this course, you learn to deal with these barriers, allowing you to achieve win-win solutions in many different situations. Step-by-step, you will learn to confidently follow a balanced training.

This session will enable the participants to develop a skill to think on their feet while interacting with the client and to win the discussion as well as the business.

This session is designed with a combination of Trainer Intervention, Group Discussion, Activities & Role Plays

After the session, the participants will be able to

  • Understand the principles of negotiations
  • Identify the different negotiation styles
  • Develop your own “natural” negotiation style
  • Learn how to prepare for successful negotiations
  • Choosing the appropriate strategy
  • Conduct successful negotiations
  • Assess your own skills
  • Resolving people/communication issues
  • Closing negotiation techniques

Workshop Agenda


 Ice Breaker

Understanding Negotiation

Types of Negotiation



Negotiation Process

Prepare Team, Know your Customer, Identify Objectives, Priorities, Create Options, Examine Alternatives, Select Strategy and tactics

Identify the problem and propose solutions. Develop Win-win

 Planning a Negotiation Strategy

 What I am Negotiating- Variable- Establishing Objectives for both parties- Identifying areas of Agreement-Zone of Potential Agreement- Areas of Disagreement

Strengthening your Strategy







Reactive Devaluation

Barriers and mistakes in Negotiating

Inadequate Preparation

Tire Kickers



Counter Offer

Competitive Arousal

Handling Anger in Negotiation

Negotiation Behavior  

Matrix Diagram

Training Deliverables

Feedback From Past Participants

“The session was very useful for all our managers and supervisors. Customer have appreciated the  way issues are managed”

“This was fun &  learning session. I feel more confident and proactive in reaching out to customer”

“ Being from a sales background, negotiating was a daily part of my work.  I learned some new and effective techniques which complemented my sales experience”

Know Your Trainer


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He has helped companies turn-around by implementing Manufacturing Excellence through Lean, Statistical Quality Control, Six Sigma, Strategy Management

He is a passionate reader and have inclination to solve complex business problems within very short span of time.

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