ChatGPT with excel Training

Elevate your proficiency in ChatGPT with our specialized “ChatGPT Training.” Unleash the full potential of conversational AI by honing your skills in understanding and generating text with Excel. This training provides hands-on experience and practical insights, equipping you to navigate and optimize ChatGPT for various applications. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this training ensures you unlock the power of ChatGPT for enhanced communication and productivity.

Course Objective

The ChatGPT with Excel Training aims to enhance participants’ proficiency in leveraging ChatGPT capabilities for effective communication and problem-solving. This course integrates Excel skills to empower users in combining natural language processing with spreadsheet functionalities.

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of ChatGPT training methodologies, enabling them to employ advanced language models seamlessly in conjunction with Excel for optimized workflow and data analysis.

Who Should Attend

  • AI Developers and Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Business Analysts
  • Content Creators
  • Customer Support Professionals
  • Customer Support Professionals

Benefits of Attending

The ChatGPT with Excel Training provides a comprehensive understanding of AI and ChatGPT, covering topics such as login procedures, prompt optimization, and follow-up inquiries. Participants learn to generate and apply customized formulas, automate routine Excel tasks, and troubleshoot errors using Chat-GPT. 

ChatGPT with excel Training will help the participants to

  • Introduction to AI and ChatGPT:
  • Getting Started with ChatGPT
  • Optimizing Prompts
  • Follow-Up Prompts
  • Generating Customized Formulas
  • Automating Tasks
  • Integration with AI Addins

The course also explores generating reports and dashboards, along with integrating Chat-GPT and AI Addins in Excel. A Q&A session addresses advantages, limitations, alternative AI options, and additional applications of Chat-GPT.

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Training Outline

1. Introduction to ChatGPT & AI
What is AI and Chat GPT?
– How to login and use in Chat GPT?
– How to give correct prompts to Chat GPT?

2. Generating Customized Formulas through Chat-GPT
– How to use Chat-GPT to learn or apply a formula?
– How to use Chat-GPT to generate customized formulas?
– How to modify and apply these formulas in our Excel sheet?
– How to do complex calculation using formulas we do not know?

3. Automating Routine Tasks using Chat-GPT
– How to use Chat-GPT to automate repetitive tasks in Excel, such as Data entry, Formatting, and calculations
– How Chat-GPT can save you time and effort by generating Excel formulas
– Macros
– VBA code

4. Generating Reports and Dashboards
– How to prompt Chat-GPT to Generate Reports and Dashboards in Excel
– How to check Reports prepared for errors and ask for revision
– How to use Chat-GPT to generate summaries
– Charts, and visualizations that convey information effectively.

5. Troubleshooting and Error Handling
– Discover how Chat-GPT can assist you in troubleshooting and error handling in Excel
– Learn how to leverage Chat-GPT to identify and resolve issues in your Excel spreadsheets
– Formulas, and macros

6. Integration of Chat-GPT and AI Addin in Excel
– How can we integrate Chat-GPT and AI in our Excel sheets
– How to Integrate and Use Different Addins available
– Current limitations of Addins

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Feedback From Past Participants

The ChatGPT with Excel Training exceeded expectations. The instructors provided clear guidance on utilizing ChatGPT for optimizing Excel workflows.

Learning how to prompt Chat-GPT for reports and dashboards was particularly enlightening. The troubleshooting and error handling modules were practical and immediately applicable.

The ChatGPT with Excel Training exceeded my expectations. The instructors provided clear guidance on utilizing ChatGPT for optimizing Excel workflows.


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