Production Planning and Control

Optimize your operations with expert Production Planning and Scheduling services. Our tailored solutions ensure efficient utilization of resources, timely deliveries, and streamlined workflows. We prioritize precision in production timelines, minimizing delays and maximizing output. From demand forecasting to real-time scheduling, our comprehensive approach enhances productivity and responsiveness.

Partner with us to elevate your production processes, meet market demands, and achieve seamless integration of planning and scheduling for sustained success.

Course Objective

The course aims to equip participants with advanced skills in Production Planning and Scheduling. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of efficient resource utilization, demand forecasting, and real-time scheduling. The focus is on minimizing delays, optimizing workflows, and ensuring seamless integration between production planning and scheduling processes.

Through practical insights, attendees will enhance their abilities to meet market demands, elevate productivity, and contribute to the sustained success of their organizations.

Who Should Attend

  • Production Managers and Supervisors
  • Supply Chain Professionals
  • Planners and Schedulers
  • Operations Managers
  • Inventory Managers

Benefits of Attending

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Production Planning and Control (PPC) with our training. Explore the historical evolution of production management, delve into the critical aspects of PPC, and grasp the principles of forecasting. 

  • Overview of Production System
  • Functions of PPC (Production Planning and Control)
  • Phases of Production Planning and Control
  • Forecasting
  • Master Production Schedule (MPS) & Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Production Monitoring System (PMS)
  • Inventory Management & Capacity Planning

Learn the importance of Master Production Schedule (MPS) and Material Requirement Planning (MRP), discover the concept of Production Monitoring System (PMS), and understand inventory management. Enhance your skills in capacity planning, scheduling, and routing. This training equips you with the knowledge to optimize production systems, reduce costs, and streamline operations for overall efficiency and success.. 

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Workshop Modules

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for Production Planning and Control

Training Outline

1. Overview of Production System
Introduction to production system
– Historical Evolution of Production Management
– Understanding of Production Management

2. Functions of PPC
– Introduction to Production Planning and Control
– Critical aspects of Production Planning and Control in manufacturing Industries
– Process Design and development
– Objectives of Production Planning and Control
– Parameters for PPC

3. Phases of Production Planning and Control
– Planning Phase
– Action Phase
– Control Phase

4. Forecasting
– Importance of forecasting – Types of forecasting
– Their uses – General principles of forecasting – Forecasting

– Qualitative methods and Quantitive methods

5. Master Production Schedule (MPS) & Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
– Importance of MPS
– MPS as a primary Input to MRP
– MPS Techniques
– Discussion of Case Study: MPS and ATP

6. Inventory management & Capacity Planning
– Functions of inventories – relevant inventory costs – ABC analysis
– VED analysis
– EOQ model 
– Process of Capacity Planning

7. Production Monitoring System (PMS)
– Concept of Jidoka
– Introduction to PMS
– Usefulness of a real time PMS

8. Scheduling & Routing
– Principles of Scheduling
– Inputs to Scheduling
– Types of Scheduling

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Feedback From Past Participants

The Production Planning and Control training was incredibly insightful. The detailed exploration of MPS, MRP, and the practical case study discussions were valuable.

The sessions on forecasting techniques and the significance of a real-time Production Monitoring System were particularly enlightening.

The training surpassed my expectations. It covered the entire spectrum of Production Planning and Control, from the basics to advanced topics like scheduling and routing.


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