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There has been a dramatic change in the way that we do business with rapid advances in technology and the breaking down of global and traditional industry barriers. Strategic procurement is a complex process, which has the potential to provide many benefits to the organization in the form of lower costs, higher quality, improved customer satisfaction and improved supplier performance.

Course Objective

After going through World Class Procurement Strategy training participants will understand and learn about:

  • Understand the role of Professional Purchasers.
  • Learn ways to deal with economic uncertainties.
  • Understand how to become more strategic in Purchasing Activities.
  • Learn about the key skills Purchasers need to have.
  • Learn about the essential requirements for Purchasing Management.
  • Understand about the methods used in dynamic planning.

Who Should Attend :

Top Managements                      Finance Departments

Purchasing Section Heads         Sourcing Managers

Supply Chain Analysts               Supply Chain Managers

Sales & Purchasing managers

Benefits of Attending

Procurement teams used to be seen as about processing paperwork, but it is now understood that they are key to ensuring that the whole organization has the right equipment and services, has costs under control, and can deliver the right Quality and Added Value.

World Class Procurement Strategy training workshop will offer following benefits:

  • Implementing changes within the team and with other departments.
  • Measuring and Improving Purchasing Performance.
  • Develop a review process for international purchasing.
  • Analyze ways of managing suppliers more effectively.
  • Enhance negotiating skills.
  • Implementing changes within the team and with other departments.
  • Develop a best approach to Global Sourcing.
  • Appreciate and see the analytics that guide procurement strategies.

Workshop Agenda


World-class definition, Procurement’s position in the organization, Methods used in dynamic planning, forecasting and budgeting, Determining the cost of capital and economic profit, Procurement’s role in delivering shareholder value, Presenting purchasing savings and performance, Modeling use in procurement processes

Global Sourcing and Outsourcing

How to analyze global trading partner data, The role of international purchasing offices (IPO), When and how to enlist third party support, Global trends and research on outsourcing

Best In Class in Procurement systems

Out of paper and into purchasing, Purchasing workflow, Current computer technology, Information databases required, Controls and audit trails, Requisitions, solicitations and purchase orders; Receiving and payment

Best Practices in e-commerce

Item master control and coordination, B2B, B2C, B2E incorporated in the three flow processes, Legal considerations and security, Digital signatures as a key to electronic commerce

Best Practices in Supplier Management

Supplier analysis using cash-flow statements; Supplier certification and performance evaluation

Best Practices in Operations and Negotiations

Benchmarking; Uses of benchmarking; Focus and allocation of time; Negotiations; Maintaining best practices in the future

Ethics and Green Procurement

How your firm can promote ethical behavior, Drivers of environmental sourcing and sustainability, Generally recognized environmental standards and certifications

Feedback From Past Participants

“The trainer guidance has helped us to understand the most important competencies for purchasing personnel.”

“This workshop helped us to better understand of developing strategic purchasing plans.”

 “This workshop had the knowledge about developing a best approach to Global Sourcing.”

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