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Enhancing Human Skill by Dojo Training in Manufacturing

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The latest concern and opportunity that lies in Manufacturing is the under utilization of the human potential of the Blue Collar Workforce.

Blue-Collar Workforce: The Blue-Collar workforce is the spectra of employees that add real value to the Product of a Manufacturing organization. By virtue of the large size of the workforce, the overall Manufacturing cost/conversion cost /quality/safety depends on the Skill Level as well as the value addition done by them.

Lean, Six Sigma, and other tools are good to a large extent while planning for Manufacturing Cost Reduction Projects, but the question still remains: Are We Utilising The Actual Potential Human Skill Of Our WorkForce? If no What Next?

The GOD lies in detail ( and the Devil too). Studies show that the elemental activities ( second by second activity ) done by an operator / a worker, the Work speed (SOP), Quality, and Safety associated with these activities can be improved to a large extent just by inculcating a human- sense based activity alignment.

Some Examples Are As Below :

  •  Picking Exact Number of Bolts From the Point to Use Bin
  •  Picking Right Nuts / Bolts ( M6 vs M8 ) without seeing
  •  Improving Left Right Hands For Parallel Activity
  •  Tighten bolts / Nuts without Torque Wrench For Tightening
  •  It measures Temperature Without a Thermometer
  •  It measures Accurate Length without Scale
  •  Measure Vibration by Hand
  •  Measure Weight without Balance
  •  Place Material in Bins / Slot Without Seeing
  •  Select the Right tools/wrench without trial -fit
  •  Pick Material with both hands simultaneously (Point of Use)
  •  Insert Pin’s Accurately Without Seeing Holes / Slots
  •  Balance and Push material in conveyor to Exact Distance
  •  Travel Standard Distance inside Shop Floor
  •  Estimation and Calculation for Bin’s, Parts, Area, etc.
  •  Estimating Circular Rotation with our measuring the Rotation Degree

See this to Believe

Recall your childhood when you were learning to ride a bicycle, it was difficult to ride / pedal without seeing the pedals. But once you rode it for some days you never-ever needed to see the pedal. Have you ever thought that this level of expertise can be developed?

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