What is Dojo Training Center?

DOJO Training center facilitates new and existing workforce of an organisation to upgrade the behavioural and technical skill set through both theoretical  and practical approaches.

Why DOJO Center ?

DOJO Center is required to create awareness of Skilling & Right-skilling of the new workforce & Re-skilling of the existing workforce to refresh manufacturing concepts and educate them about Company awareness,Safety awareness,5 Senses, Innovation and Technical skills.

Skilled manpower can contribute in company profitability growth  through Customer Satisfaction, Internal Waste Reduction and Sustenance Strategy.

Customer Satisfaction (PQCS) (1)

Role of Tetrahedron

Tetrahedron helps to translate the essential skills required in manufacturing process to activity based DOJO training center. We design and setup company/process specific customized dojo center after complete assessment of existing workforce skill sets.

Manufacturing DOJO Levels

We setup sequence of dojo training in  4 Phases  and  12 DOJO Gates

  • Initiation
  • Demonstration
  • Evaluation
  • Sustenance

How to design process specific DOJO

Step:1Identify Critical Process

Step:2Shoot video

Step:3Develop OAT (Operation Analysis Table)

Step:4List Out ”Work” From OAT

Step:5Refer Activity – Sense Chart

Step:6Create Simulation / Game

Step:7Develop Skill Matrix and SOPs

Step:8Measure Existing Skill Level

Step:9Facilitate for Skill Enhancement

Glimpse of DOJO

Tetrahedron  presents a glimpse of DOJO in manufacturing industries that is filled with images of  DOJO Center . This is an example of the work produced by our  DOJO Consultant.


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