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DOJO Training Center Detailed Approach

Stage DescriptionDeliverable
Scope Finalization and Project Plan Development
-DOJO & Activity Finalization
-Layout Development
-Sequence Finalization for DOJO Training
Time-Bound Low-Cost DOJO Set UpShortlisting the Critical Process w.r.t. Safety, Productivity, Quality  & Cost
-Department Matrix Development
-Training Plan Drafting
-SOP Drafting
Know My Company DOJO
Company Description, Founders History, and Journey
-Product & Geographical Coverage
-Policy Document Finalization
Feeling Great Pride For the CompanyCompany Profile, Company Vision, Mission & value
-Company Footprint & Product Portfolio, Customer Base & Geography
-Research & Development, CSR Activities
-Company Policy (HR, Safety, and Others)
Safety DOJO
Basic Safety Guideline Development
-Specific & Critical Safety Simulation Development
-Safety Documentation
-Virtual Reality Safety Simulation
Safety First For All Employee21 Impactful Safety Simulation & Games
Product DOJO
Product Range & Product Usage (Simulation)
-Part – Product Matrix, Criticality of Product
-Similar Product in Market
-Simulation (Virtual Reality-Based
Understanding of the Product and Its CriticalityReal Product Display
-Usage Simulation
-Similar Product in Market and Their Features
-Criticality Understanding and impact of Consumer
5 Senses DOJO
-Touch Sense DOJO
-Ambidexterity Simulation
-Hand-Eye Coordination
-Hearing Sense
-Seeing Sense
-Sub-Conscious Mind Simulation
Use Human Sense For SPQC35 Innovative Simulation and Games for Activating the Human Sense
Process and Machine DOJO
Part Criticality Matrix
-Start – Stop – Emergency Stop
-Electrical Part, Electronic Part
-Pneumatic & Hydraulic Part, Fasteners, Mechanical Part
Know The Machine and Be The MasterCritical Machine Part Display
-Simulation of How Machine Operates
-Possible Machine Failures and Mitigation Matrix
Production  DOJO
Abnormality Matrix, 4M Change Matrix
-Work Instruction, Shop Floor Do’s Don’t
Skill in Production Process and DeviationDisplay of All Production Document with Reference and Examples
Quality DOJO
Gauge Awareness
-Best Practices of Using Gauges
-Defect Gallery
Quality Focus in Everything We DODisplay and Analysis of Defects So Far
-Display of All Gauges and Videos of Best Practices Usage
Maintenance DOJO
Critical Tooling’s & Tool setting video
-TPM Pillar Description ( If applicable)
-Electrical & Mechanical LOTO
-Hydraulics & Pneumatic Simulation
Best Practices for Maintenance and Safety During MaintenanceSimulation of all LOTO
-Critical Maintenance Practices of Hydraulics, Pneumatics
On Job Evaluation and CertificationAll Documentation & TestTest Sequence and Certification
Ergonomic DOJOHuman SustenanceSimulation of Standing, Walking, Sitting, Material Lifting
Innovation DOJOImprovement TechniqueKaizen Display, Karakuri Videos, LCA Techniques

Case Studies

DOJO Training Center Designing & Development

(Leading Wire Harness Manufacturer (Gurgaon))

Challenges : (Before Tetrahedron)

  • No DOJO Room across the plant
  • No Skill Up-gradation Strategy
  • No flow established for proper training

Approaches : 

Tetrahedron DOJO Expert team charted a One Month project plan for DOJO Training Set-Up in 1100 Sq. Meter area. Developed a 3D Simulation and process flow design validated with the management team. Roles & Responsibilities of the team developed and TMS onsite resource tracked the daily work progress. Two innovative products were developed by the TMS team which are “Sensor-Based Walking Speed Measurement “ devices and “ Standing Posture Evaluation Devices”

Results :

DOJO Training Strategy Integration with Existing HR Strategy

(Leading Automotive Manufacturer (Rudrapur))

Challenges : (Before Tetrahedron)

  • Only Safety and Maintenance DOJO was present in DOJO room
  • No awareness of DOJO Training among the Employee

Approaches : 

Tetrahedron DOJO Expert team charted a One –Month project plan for DOJO Training Set-Up in 2500 Sq. Meter area. Developed SOPs and documentation of the DOJO training strategy. Implemented  DOJO Strategy Manualincluding DOJO Score Card, Training effectiveness Measurement System. and linked the  DOJO strategy with the Skill level of the workmen

Results :

  • Department wise DOJO training sequence developed
  • Skill  matrix integrated with DOJO training
  • DOJO On Job Training (OJT) KPIs are developed and tracked
  • On Paper Performance Evaluation System Implementation
  • Video-based & Poster based learning system developed

Benefits of DOJO Training Center

  • Knowledge about the company helps the worker stay connected with the company
  • An operator is trained (Skilling) extensively in a task using models or mock-ups till he or she perfects it 
  • Re-skilling & Right skilling of the existing workforce
  • Activating the 5 senses of the operator by process-specific simulation, resulting in the overall productivity improvement
  • Provides both theory and practical lessons in basic concepts of manufacturing 
  • On-job training in inculcating a safety culture
  • Benchmark quality efficiencies so that zero defect products can be created and supplied to customers
  • Creates awareness about the Do’s and Dont’s of the production processes
  • Reducing ergonomic risk factors, thus preventing costly MSDs

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