Process Specific DOJO Training Simulation

What is DOJO?

Dojo Centers are strategically designed to enhance the human skill of workers & operators on specific & critical processes (not all processes) of the shop floor. To create a world-class DOJO training center that will answer the current shortage/limitation of Safety Productivity Quality Performance

How to Set Up DOJO Training Center and Simulation

dojo training

  • DOJO Centers are to be located at the shop floor ( not in a separate room)
  • Identify the critical process (preferably 3)
  • Capture the video of the critical process ( generally 1 ~ 2 Min duration)
  • Develop the OAT ( Operation Analysis Table) / OAC ( Operation Activity Chart)
  • From the OAT / OAC identify the “Work” activity
  • Refer the Activity – Sense Chart to shortlist for which Activities you want to create 5 Sense DOJO simulation
  • Create Simulation / Game for the Senses from the Activity-Sense Chart
  • Develop DOJO SOP for Training, Evaluation, Re Skilling, and OJT
  • Measure the Existing Skill level of the DOJO Trainee with reference to Skill Matrix ( based on Standard Operation, Standard Cycle Time, Safety Parameter, Quality Specifications, Design Details)
  • Facilitate for skill up-gradation from level n to Level n+1 as per the skill matrix requirements

Example of DOJO’s

  • Picking Exact Number of Bolts from the Point of Use Bin
  • Picking Right Nuts/ Bolts (M6 vs M8 ) without seeing
  • Improving Left Right Hands for parallel activity
  • Tighten bolts / Nuts without Torque Wrench for tightening
  • Accurate measurement of Length without Scale
  • Temperature measure Without a Thermometer
  • Measure Vibration by Hand
  • Measure weight without Balance
  • Place The material in Bins/ Slot without seeing
  • Select the right tools/wrench without trial -fit
  • Pick Material by both hands simultaneously (POU)
  • Insert Pins Accurately without seeing Holes / Slots
  • Balance and Push material in conveyor to exact Distance
  • Travel Standard distance inside the shop floor
  • Estimation and Calculation for Bins, Parts, Area
  • Rotate a part or screw or bolt exactly to a required degree without measurement
Work Activity (From OAT) 5 Sense
Measure Dimension, Observe Mark, Observe Colour, Pick and Place, Moving Object.    (See)
Sound (Vibration, Friction, Gas Exhaust, Piece Creaking, Electric Sparks, Material Touch, Impact, Leakage)    (Hear)
Smell (Chemical, Chemical Leakage, Material Burning, Fuel, Fuel Burning, Electric Spark, Material Decay, Foul Smell, Animal Body & Skin Smell)     (Smell)
All type of Limb Motion, Pick and Place, Feel Vibration, Weighing, Lifting, Measure Temperature, Handling Touch Material (Sharp Object, Delicate Object, Hot Objects, Moving Objects, Chemical & Acids)     (Touch)
Not Applicable      (Taste)