Why should an industry conduct an energy audit in their plant?

   An energy audit is done to understand a building’s or facility’s energy  usage and create a plan to optimize its efficiency.

  Common problems like energy-consuming machines in an overloaded,  oversized, and inefficient state cause the bill to reach the sky.

  Overheating of motors and improper management of compressed air can also increase the load, but good energy conservation measures can avoid highcosts and machine downtime. Regular cleaning and  maintenance of the machine keep it in good condition, and it is checked  for voltage imbalance.

   Inefficient pumps also increase power consumption and have an adverse impact on the environment.

Energy Audit services for commercial and industrial facilities

Corporate sustainability is an important goal for many businesses. Energy efficiency is a key factor in reducing negative impacts on the environment and increasing profitability.

Energy audit experts can identify and measure energy inefficiencies to create cost-effective solutions tailored to your facility’s needs.

Energy saving areas

The energy-saving areas normally identified are:

  • Management of compressed air
  • Pump performance
  • Furnace utilization and heat leakage
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Housekeeping measures
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Power factor and load factor improvement
  • Heat loss analysis
  • Boiler performance assessment
  • Diesel usage analysis
  • Demand management and load profiling
  • Workplace lightings
  • Usage of renewable energy and alternate fuels
  • Optimal choice of fuel
  • process optimization, etc.

Reduce your energy consumption by 10–20%.

A reduction of 10–20% in annual consumption can be achieved without affecting your productivity or targets because we know how important it is to get value for your investment.

Instruments used for an energy audit

Some of the instruments that are used for conducting an energy audit are as follows:


  • Ultrasonic flow meter

An ultrasonic flow meter is a device that measures the flow of liquid or gas using ultrasound. Ultrasonic flow meters are used to measure the volumetric flow rate of liquids and gasses in pipelines, tanks, and other containers.



  • Pressure gauges 


Pressure Gauge PNG & Download Transparent Pressure Gauge PNG ...

A pressure gauge is a device that measures the pressure of a fluid, such as water, gas, or oil. The most common use of a pressure gauge is to measure the water pressure inside the pipe in industries.




  • Power quality analyzer



Fluke 434-II Power Quality And Energy Analyser, For Industrial Use

A power quality analyzer is used to measure electric power signals to determine the load’s ability to function properly with that electric power. Without electric power, electrical   equipment may fail prematurely or malfunction.




  • Thermal imager


Thermal imaging cameras

Thermal imagers are used for non-contact measurements of surface temperature. They work by detecting infrared energy emitted from objects, which is then converted into an image.




  • Ultrasonic leak detector


The leak detector for mandatory testing | Testo® India

An ultrasonic leak detector is a device that uses high-frequency sound waves to scan for leaks in pipes and other equipment. The device sends out a sound wave, which reflects off the surface of the pipe. The wave is then picked up by the detector and analyzed to determine if there is any leakage.

About us

Tetrahedron, as a consulting firm specializing in energy audits, provides valuable insights and recommendations. We have energy audit experts who will help your industry reduce its energy bill without affecting productivity, resulting in a good reputation in the industry.

The auditor will typically perform a physical inspection of the property, examine utility bills, and compare the energy use with similar properties to establish benchmarks.

If you’re not sure where to start, feel free to reach out to us, and our expert will help you achieve your energy goal.