6 Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption in Industry

Energy Cost Reduction

Energy is the most vital part of any organization. Reduction in the energy cost leads to an increase in profitability of the organization which finally leads to growth of the organization.

Manufacturers try to reduce energy costs by compromising product quality and standards. Therefore, TETRAHEDRON reduces energy consumption by 10% to 20% for the industry which helps them to focus on their core works and also minimize waste and maximize productivity.

Our experts help you to find out the problems like where the leakages are happening in the industry, what are the hotspots. And how to reduce the energy consumption by the industry. Accordingly, we use high-quality equipment to audit energy consumption so that we can give the best of our efforts for energy reduction.

Also, we provide you the facility of initiating the implementation of energy savings on your own but it is possible only when you know the technical know-how for implementation of an energy audit initiative. And if there is a requirement, we assist you in implementing an energy audit by using our high-quality equipment or energy auditing equipment, so that it can be easy for you to initiate an energy audit on your own.

What is an Energy Map?

An energy map is a vital tool for handling severe problems in energy cost reduction initiatives. It is used to know the areas and scope of energy saving one can look into. It is a 360-degree representation of processes, consumption, or equipment used for energy cost saving.

6 ways to reduce energy consumption in the industry

  • Use Energy efficient lighting: Using energy-efficient lighting in the industry helps to reduce energy consumption in the organization which ultimately leads to saving on the electricity bill.

  • Shut down your equipment: It is the most important thing to remember by the manufacturer as well as employees that while the equipment is not in use, power off all equipment. Therefore, Don’t forget to power off the equipment after use.

  • Bring Improvement in Process heating: The industry needs to improve process heating by using high-quality equipment such as waste heat recovery systems, fuels with higher combustion efficiency, installation of proper furnaces, etc.

  • Up-gradation of Equipment: For being  ways to reduce energy consumptionmore energy efficient, keeping your equipment in good condition is the most important part. Hence, old equipment needs to be improved as they consume high energy and more expenses in repairing and installation which generally consume high energy as compared to upgraded equipment.

  • Be Automation Oriented: Technology plays a vital role in today’s era where every work is possible with technology. Today, Robots are more intelligent, versatile, and cost-friendly. Using robots will help in reducing manpower costs, improve the safety of workers, and most importantly leads to ROI.

  • Energy audit: Energy audit means an inspection or analysis of energy flows in a building/ process/ structure with the main objective of being energy efficient. Also, energy audits help companies to identify many opportunities in the competitive market. Hence, getting an energy audit is important to remain in the competitive market.

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