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Identify Energy Loss Red Zone

Track Energy Performances

5% Saving’s on Electricity Bill

All industries face a common challenge: how to improve productivity while reducing energy consumption 

Energy usage has always been thought of as a “cost of doing business” for manufacturers but they are realizing that energy is not a mere cost of doing business, but a manageable resource that can be leveraged for competitive advantage.

By thoroughly reviewing how your business uses power, there are several key ways in which to improve efficiency and optimize significant savings.

Manufacturing facilities are one of the largest consumers of energy. Efforts to improve energy efficiency are an increasing concern for many manufacturing industries.

This can be achieved by evaluating energy end-uses (e.g., lighting, processing equipment, and heating, air conditioning, and ventilation (HVAC) systems), and by implementing measures to reduce the total amount of energy consumed for one or more of the end uses.

  • To minimize energy cost/waste without affecting production & quality
  • To minimize environmental effects
  • To achieve & maintain optimum energy procurement & utilization throughout the organization

Benefits of Energy Cost Reduction

Helps manufacturing companies  to reign in production costs 

Remain competitive in the market

Energy saving is good for the environment

Greener practices reduce your associated carbon emissions

A thorough evaluation of how you use energy will allow you to optimize and allocate all of your resources efficiently.

Energy Cost Reduction Detailed Approach

Stage  Deliverable
Energy Awareness Training -Training Man-hour
Heat Loss Analysis
-Furnace heat analysis
-Wall & Separation Material
-Heat Emitting Sources analysis
-Ventilation System
-Heat Loss Reduction
Pump Efficiency Analysis
-Power Consumption
-Component Vibration
-Component Temperature
-Cavitation Checking
-Sound Pressure
-Fluid Properties Test
-Seal Leakage Test
-Flow Rate Test
-Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) Test
-Pump Efficiency Improvement
Motor Efficiency Analysis -Motor Efficiency Improvement
Air Leakage Analysis
-Compressor Running Time
-Air Pressure Head Drop
-Air Compressor Running Cost Reduction
Compressor Performance
-Power Consumption
-Component Vibration
-Component Temperature
-Sound Pressure
-Seal Leakage Test
-Compressor Performance Improvement
Diesel Usage Analysis
-Diesel Consumption
-Diesel consumption reduction
Workplace Lighting (LUX Audit)
-Office Lightings
-Shop floor Lighting systems
-Work station Lightings
-Workplace Lighting Improvement

Advantages of Tetrahedron's Energy Cost Reduction Approach

Case Studies

           Energy Cost Reduction Project Implementation

(Leading Gear Manufacturer (Faridabad))


Challenges :

Before TMS –

  • High Energy Consumption
  • No tracking of Heat loss
  • No Energy saving project implemented

Approaches :

Tetrahedron energy consultant team conducted an on-site energy audit and inspect the individual energy-consuming devices and track their performance and loss %. Some devices were found old, defective, and energy inefficient. Energy isolation systems were developed and energy-efficient devices implemented. Energy KPI established to track energy consumption.

Results :

  • 25 Energy Saving Project Identified
  • 18% Energy Cost Reduced
  • Energy-efficient devices were installed across the plant.

Energy Saving Projects Funnel Created

(Leading Heavy Equipment Manufacturer(Odisha))


Challenges: Before Tetrahedron:

Monthly Energy Cost was too high

The management team was serious about the reduction of the plant running costs.

Approaches :

Tetrahedron Energy auditor team delivered training on Energy Management System (EMS) to the plant staff and operator level.  4 Energy auditor conducted a Level 3 energy audit across the plant and presented the Energy Management Opportunities (EMO)s to the plant management team and identified energy savings projects for energy team.

Following results were achieved:-

Results :

  • Developed an internal energy team including 3 Management persons, 5 technical Staff & 10 technicians.
  • 65 Energy Savings Project Funnel created
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