Identify Energy Loss Red Zone

Track Energy Performances

5% Saving’s on Electricity Bill

Execution Time-Line

Stage  Deliverable
Energy Awareness Training


  • Training Man-hour

Heat Loss Analysis

  • Furnace heat analysis
  • Wall & Separation Material
  • Heat Emitting Sources analysis
  • Ventilation System
  • Heat Loss Reduction

Pump Efficiency Analysis

  • Power Consumption
  • Component Vibration
  • Component Temperature
  • Cavitation Checking
  • Sound Pressure
  • Fluid Properties Test
  • Seal Leakage Test
  • Flow Rate Test
  • Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) Test
  • Pump Efficiency Improvement
Motor Efficiency Analysis
  • Motor Efficiency Improvement

Air Leakage Analysis

  • Compressor Running Time
  • Air Pressure Head Drop
  • Air Compressor Running Cost Reduction

Compressor Performance

  • Power Consumption
  • Component Vibration
  • Component Temperature
  • Sound Pressure
  • Seal Leakage Test
  • Compressor Performance Improvement

Diesel Usage Analysis

  • Diesel Consumption
  • Diesel consumption reduction

Workplace Lighting (LUX Audit)

  • Office Lightings
  • Shop floor Lighting systems
  • Work station Lightings
  • Workplace Lighting Improvement

Case Studies

           Energy Cost Reduction Project Implementation

(Leading Gear Manufacturer (Faridabad))


Challenges :

Before TMS –

  • High Energy Consumption
  • No tracking of Heat loss
  • No Energy saving project implemented

Approaches :

Tetrahedron energy consultant team conducted a on site energy audit and inspect the individual energy consuming devices and track their performance and loss %. Some devices were found old, defective and energy inefficient. Energy isolation system were developed and energy efficient devices implemented. Energy KPI established to track the energy consumption.

Results :

  • 25 Energy Saving Project Identified
  • 18% Energy Cost Reduced
  • Energy efficient devices were installed across the plant.

Energy Saving Projects Funnel Created

(Leading Heavy Equipment Manufacturer(Odisha))


Challenges : Before Tetrahedron:

Monthly Energy Cost was too high

Management team was serious  towards reduction of plant running cost.

Approaches :

Tetrahedron Energy auditor team delivered a training on Energy Management System (EMS) to the plant staff and operator level.  4 Energy auditor conducted a Level 3 energy audit across the plant and presented the Energy Management Opportunities (EMO)s to the plant management team and identified energy savings projects for energy team.

Following results were achieved:-

Results :

  • Developed a internal energy team including 3 Management persons, 5 technical Staff & 10 technicians.
  • 65 Energy Savings Project Funnel created

Benefits Of Energy Cost Reduction

  • High saving in energy bill
  • Low operating cost
  • High energy efficiency gain
  • Achieve organization’s energy goal
  • Reduction in carbon foot print
  • Earn great return on your investment
  • Protecting environment

To get the best Energy Efficiency approach for your manufacturing process



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