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The manufacturing industry is an exciting sector which has lots of opportunities and challenges. Today in the business industry everybody needs an expert consulting firm where they know they are investing in the right firm. The consultant has intense global knowledge in the manufacturing sector for customer, material, and talent specific. Manufacturing consultant sector is very tough, but it revolves around lots of great opportunities. A new invention allows the product and process innovation which open the new growth segments. For tomorrow’s successful manufacturing enterprise will have a clear plan for every strategy, for every different customer, an innovative set of offerings, and a well-planned supply chain for every set of demand. With great experience in all the sub areas, Tetrahedron manufacturing services can help your organization to establish new growth to achieve its potential.

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12 Center of Excellence

  • New project set up: We take care in all the strategic planning process and we make sure it is timely done with fewer complications
  • Cost Strategy:  Costing is the very first thing which every customer wants to know. We help in enabling the product should sell at the right cost.
  • Lean Manufacturing: We believe in the elimination of waste and unproductive activities in the operations along with the adoption of the best practices and thrive to achieve single piece flow along with flexible manufacturing.
  • Layout: We do structure analysis and flow simulation to improve and design Greenfield and brownfield projects.
  • BPM/BPR: We do business process re-engineering so that the company can realize its potential and make its business model modification to satisfy the customer and clients’ requirement.
  • Green Manufacturing: It is related to the reduction of carbon footprint and also mapping the origin of the product so that the company should be responsible for mankind and nature and work towards sustainability. We hand hold companies to become a green manufacturing company.
  • SCM: We do logistics network and inventory analysis for cost reduction and optimization.
  • Time/motion study: We help companies to know the time break- up of their process and also motion study so that process optimization and manpower optimization can be achieved.
  • Supplier Development: We do vendor identification to fulfill the requirement of clients, audit an area of improvement identification for the development of vendors.
  • QMS and Safety Management
  • MIS/Data Analytic: It is the requirement for the development and sustainability of any company at this time. We should know our process and customer in depth so that we can be adaptive enough to change our business model for growth and sustainability.
  • System and Process Audit: We do auditing of companies different primary and secondary activities for benchmarking comparison, process improvement identification, and Efficiency improvement.

Why you want a consultant?

So, why you want a manufacturing consultant for your company?

  • The strategic team never misses any single thing, which can be missed without hiring any consultant.
  • Consultant regularly monitors the process and gives the new product on time with less cost structure.
  • Consultant understands the changes which are dictated by the marketing team.
  • The raw material source is highly secure for a lifetime and always obtained at a lower cost.
  • Consultant looks after the upper management lower cost and they achieve without capital expenditure.
  • Your annual revenue is monitored by a consultant, and they look after maintaining the output and quality.
  • Quality always leads every company to customer satisfaction, and that what consultant want at the end of the project. If the company is satisfied with the result output, they are also satisfied in the end.   

Is the above reality is different? We have a collective experience of more than 15 years on the boot of manufacturing and we continue to learn more.

Maybe you don’t want a manufacturing consultant to tell you what to do, but you might hire a consultant who will work with your team to help in rectifying the problem in the most efficient ways listed above. In other words, you don’t need to pay someone to be the boss of your plant team, in Tetrahedron we understand your plant team and work with the team for the betterment of your foundry. A consultant always has experience from other industries and gives the most effective suggestions. An experienced team with knowledge always led plant team goes a long way. With specific issue in specific process or materials, the right consultant can help quickly with utmost efficiency.

If you are facing issues with innovation in your project plant, you should hire a manufacturing consultant, who can provide you the best solution for your foundry. In this completion rising market, everybody has something new to sell, with this plant should not suffer any delay in work completion. Hiring an expert consultant is cannot be a weakness; this can turn out to be a growth factor. Sometimes, you manage leads and bring outside governance to the new phase of inside governance.

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