Process of Competency Mapping

What is Competency Mapping?

For most of the companies, the recruitment of the employees in their firm is one of the most difficult & crucial tasks. This is the means by which the company paves the pathways towards its success. The new employee for a firm can do the task of either heads or tails like a coin.

Competency Mapping is one of the key methods which are used for job evaluation. This plays a crucial role in recruiting, selecting, and retaining the appropriate people. The ultimate objective of the competency mapping technique is to allow individuals to better understand themselves. Tetrahedron manufacturing services will aid you in this job evaluation yourself. With the best problem-solving capabilities and expert execution of the work, we have successfully earned the trust and love among our customers.

Process of Competency Mapping

The various steps that are included for the job evaluation by us during the process of competency mapping are:

  • Conducting the Job analysis by questioning about the complete information questionnaire (PIQ). With the help of this, one can gather from the incumbents about the characteristic behavior of the person which is required for the respective job.

  • The result of the job analysis is used for the competency-based job description. The process of the job description is the door to mapping the competencies the throughout HR process for recruitment.

  • This will provide the necessary factors which are required for the evaluation and assessment of the performances.

  • The results of the mapping can be used to identify the areas and fields, in which the individual needs additional development or any targeted training.

Thus, with this step by step process of competency mapping, we have managed to recruit a team that serves our clients and customers honestly.

There are various methods that are used in the combination of this technique.

  • Group work

  • Task analysis workshops

  • Use of the job description

  • Interviews

  • Taskforces

  • Questionnaire

Types of Competencies

Basically, there are three categories of competencies Managerial, Functional, and Generic. All 3 are explained below –

Managerial Competencies: 

This type of competency mapping is considered vital for the responsibility of the supervisory or managerial.


This type of competency mapping is considered crucial to accomplish a specific role in the organization within a defined functional or technical area of work.

Generic Competencies: 

This type of competency mapping considered essential for all the employees and workers irrespective of their levels or functions such as initiative, communication, listening skills, and various others.

People who identify the Competencies:

Competency mapping is not an easy task, it involves the experienced and experts in this field to do the task. This is usually done by the:

  • Job analyst
  • Experts
  • Psychologists
  • HR specialists

Competency mapping is the most influential and paramount factor for any firm.

Tetrahedron manufacturing services can help you in evaluating the competencies of your employees with a dedicated team of professionals, We map the major points, and tranquilize the areas of improvement of the business leaders which will help their business to reach the heights of success.