Autonomous Mobile Robot Solutions

From repetitive tasks on the factory floor to activities in Agriculture, Logistics, Hospitality, and more, the use of Autonomous Mobile Robots is changing how business gets done

Agricultural enterprises, logistical firms, warehouses, and healthcare organisations are all searching for fresh, inventive approaches to Boost Operational Effectiveness, Ensure Accuracy, Boost Speed, and Raise Safety. AMRs or Autonomous Mobile Robots, are becoming increasingly popular.

An autonomous mobile robot is a type of robot that has the ability to comprehend and navigate its surroundings on its own. AMRs are distinct from autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), which depend on tracks or predetermined trajectories and frequently need operator supervision.

Free from wired power, AMRs use a complex array of sensors, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computing for path planning to interpret and move around their environment.


Tetrahedron Autonomous mobile robot

AMRs are outfitted with cameras and sensors, so if they run into a falling object while navigating their environment they will use navigation techniques to stop, slow, or reroute their path around the object & continue with their task.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are fully autonomous vehicles that can navigate on a predefined path without any human intervention. There are various possible applications of these autonomous vehicles, as they are used in Self-driving cars, Autonomous delivery drones & fully automated vacuum cleaners that can be used for cleaning houses.

Tetrahedron Manufacturing Services had developed fully Autonomous Material Handling Equipment for transporting materials on an industrial shop floor and thus reducing the variable & high material handling costs. Based on our past projects, Industries can reduce their material handling costs by at least 40% by implementing this solution.

Automated solution for reducing the material handling cost

Tetrahedron Manufacturing Services Pvt Ltd has been in the profession of solving complex business problems with our simple & low-cost automation solutions. In our past projects with industries from various sectors, we have identified the heavy variable costs & inconsistencies involved with material handling in any manufacturing industry. The industry is relying on manual labour to transport heavy loads be it raw material (RM), work in progress (WIP), or finished goods (FG) from one location on the shop floor to another location.

We have been helping manufacturing companies to reduce their operating costs through various simple & high returns on investment (ROI) solutions for the past couple of years. Working in the same direction, we have built our cost-effective Autonomous mobile robot solution Hercules-1000. It works on artificial intelligence AI-based computer vision technology, in which it creates a virtual map of the surroundings it is supposed to work. Afterward with the help of the SLAM algorithm developed completely by the TMS team, AMR identifies the shortest path to reach its destination.

Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is equipped with intelligent sensors to detect the presence of any obstruction in between the path, to carefully reach its destination.

Benefits of AMR

Easy to integrate

Any facility can easily incorporate autonomous mobile robots. A map of the area is all that is required to be given to the autonomous robot. This is how the robot moves around the workplace and completes the assignments you give it. There is no need to lay anything on the floor, designate certain paths, or forbid people and forklifts from entering areas where robots are being utilised because they can be incorporated so rapidly. Once the robots have a map of your warehouse, which one person can create in a day or two, they can use their sensors and onboard cameras to complete the remaining tasks.

Advanced Safety

The onboard sensors and cameras of autonomous mobile robots are numerous. These help the robots understand, analyse, and sense their environment. And as a result, the robots may navigate the warehouse or other space without running into anything. There are fewer safety features incorporated into forklifts and other devices run by human engineers. They ultimately rely on suggestions from others. Human operators could still make mistakes, grow weary, or become distracted, which could cause an accident. Robots, on the other hand, are constantly focused and never get tired or distracted. The overall security of your institution is notably increased as a result.

Increase flexibility

Internal cameras and sensors are mostly used by robots that can move on their own to operate. Robots in the past used cables or magnetic tape, while modern robots rely on cutting-edge technologies. With this improvement, flexible, agile automation may be created by mobile, autonomous robots. Instead of always needing to follow the same, rigorously specified path inside a facility, autonomous mobile robots can choose their own path. By dodging obstacles, they can go from Point A to Point B in this manner. This indicates that mobile autonomous robots can move quickly and easily to carry out new tasks. Compared to previous robot generations, they can be programmed more quickly.

Specifications of AMR

Best AMR
Best AMR
Material Handling Equipments
Features of amr

Main Features of AMR

  • Payload of 1000kgs 
  • Lowest Operating cost AMR in the country
  • Collaborative Robots
  • Lead Acid & Lithium-Ion battery option available
  • Easy to re-program to new routes
  • Needs no dedicated path
  • Artificial intelligence-based system
  • Wireless or Wi-Fi mode of communication
  • Long-range battery
  • The speed of this vehicle is Walking Speed at 1.5 meters/sec
  • Three directions ( Sides & Back) infrared/Laser sensor-based obstacle detection System
  • Front & Rear emergency stop buttons
  • Bi-Directional bumpers for additional safety
  • Turning radius less than 1 meter
  • No specific maintenance team required
  • 24*7 Response
  • 100% made in India Parts
  • Floor Type: Standard concrete warehouse flooring with or without epoxy or surface hardeners
  • Mode of Communication: Wireless / Wi-fi /  Mobile Application

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What are Autonomous Robots ?

Autonomous Robots are intelligent machines that can perform tasks without human intervention in any environment.

What are the advantages of Autonomous Robots ?

Autonomous Robots decrease material handling costs, increase efficiency, Improve safety for employees in high-risk work environments, Boost Operational Effectiveness and Speed, Ensure Accuracy and Raise Safety. After using Autonomous Robots in the company humans can spend more time doing valuable jobs.

Why the Hercules is a Real Autonomous Robot ?

Hercules can make decisions and act based on the environment. You can place it in any environment, left alone, and it will do its job without any supervision from a human. If they run into a falling object while navigating their environment they will use navigation techniques to stop, slow, or reroute their path around the object & continue with their task.

Why is AMR better than AGV ?

AGV works on Fixed routes or pre-defined paths & AMR navigates according to Artificial intelligence without any supervision from a human. AMR is very flexible and also easily collaborates in material handling tasks with humans.