Automated Guided Vehicle

Automated Guided Vehicle Manufacturers

Automated Guided Vehicle Manufacturers are one such device that encompasses all of the transport systems which are capable of operation without any human efforts.This is a wonder product that is exclusively designed for enthusiasts who love playing with their work. By using the Hercules 1000, one can easily manage the operations effortlessly. This collaborative robot has been designed with an initiative of better performance and reduced emissions while working.

Automated Guided Vehicle

Automated solution for reducing the material handling cost

We, Tetrahedron Manufacturing Services Pvt Ltd have been into the profession of solving complex business problems with our simple & low-cost automation solutions.

In our past projects with industries from various sectors, we have identified the heavy variable costs & inconsistencies involved with material handling in any manufacturing industry. Industry are relying on manual labour to transport heavy loads be it raw material RM, work in progress WIP or Finished Goods FG from one location within the shop floor to another location.

We have been helping manufacturing companies to reduce their operating costs through various simple & high return on investment ROI solutions from past couple of years. Working in the same direction, we have built our cost effective Automated guided vehicle solution Hercules-1000.Hercules-1000 works on artificial intelligence AI based computer vision technology, in which it creates a virtual map of the surroundings it is supposed to work.  Afterwards with the help of SLAM algorithm developed completely by TMS team, AGV identifies the shortest path to reach its destination.

AGV is equipped with intelligent sensors to detect the presence of any obstruction in between the path, to carefully reach its destination.        

Main Features OF AGV:

  • Payload of 1000kgs                              
  • Lowest Operating cost AGV in the country
  • Collaborative Robots
  • Lead Acid & Lithium Ion battery option available
  • Easy to re-program to new routes
  • Needs no dedicated path
  • Artificial intelligence-based system
  • Wireless or Wi-Fi mode of communication
  • Long-range battery
  • Speed of this vehicle is Walking Speed at 1.5 meters/sec.
  • Three direction ( Sides & Back) infrared/Laser sensor based obstacle detection System
  • Front & Rear emergency stop buttons
  • Bi-Directional bumpers for additional safety
  • Turning radius less than 1 meter
  • No specific maintanance team required
  • 24*7 Response
  • 100% made in India Parts
  • Floor Type : Standard concrete warehouse flooring with or without epoxy or surface hardeners
  • Mode of Communication: Wireless / Wi-fi /  Mobile Application

Specifications of AGV :

AGV specifications

Automated Guided Vehicle Excon 2019 Video

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