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What is Lean?

The main objective of implementing lean manufacturing in industries is to improve profitability, reduce cost, increase sustainability. Always pushing the boundaries of what is considered the status quo in order to enhance what you sustain and sustain what you improve. 

In lean manufacturing, we work for waste elimination in manufacturing industries. There are 8 types of Wastes of MUDA (Muda is a Japanese word meaning wastefulness and it is a key concept in lean process thinking work on the concept of Toyota Production System) in Lean Manufacturing that can be memorised through the abbreviation TIMWOODS.

It stands for- Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Over Production, Over Processing, Defects and Skills.

Every manufacturing industry’s primary goal is to achieve more profitability, grow with trends and survive in the fierce global competition. It hasn’t always been that simple though. Cash flows that are not in favorable conditions for the manufacturing industry are caused by higher manufacturing costs and lower gross margins. The adoption of zero waste techniques help to make your manufacturing more profitable.

The purpose of lean manufacturing is to help industries to minimize their manufacturing cost throughout the value chain. In order to get better results with low production cost, Lean Manufacturing  is the best option to opt. In today’s era, The majorly focused technique that leads to your manufacturing excellence and competitiveness in the modern manufacturing market is lean manufacturing.  

Problems happen in Manufacturing:

 10 major problems faced by manufacturing industries are ;                                                           

  • Overproduction leads to unbalanced manufacturing process
  • Delayed deliveries due to non-alignment of value stream
  • Less gross margins due to high manufacturing cost
  • Low profit margins affecting cash flow
  • Increased finance costs due to an inefficient supply chain
  • High rejections due to unclear work standardisation 
  • Poor Inventory management
  • Unsafe condition
  • Increasing man-power cost
  • Excessive material movement

lean manufacturing

Choose Lean Manufacturing Consultant for your Business Growth

We have a team of industry experts that work with clients to get the above results by implementing lean techniques such as Workplace and Safety, Quality Management System, Breakdown Analysis, Loss Reduction, Line Balancing etc.

Our Lean Manufacturing Consultants had worked with 24+ manufacturing industries to develop and improve their processes while putting an emphasis on quality and production cost. Our clients were able to increase their productivity up to 30%.

Our Lean Manufacturing Consultants have expertise in using various tools in manufacturing to solve the specific difficulties faced by our clients.

1. MTTR (Mean Time To Repair)
2. MTBF ( Mean Time Between Failures)
3. Time and Motion Analysis
4. RCA (Root Cause Analysis)
5. COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality)
6. Heijunka
7. Value Stream Mapping
8. Poka-Yoke
9. Kaizen
10. Kanban
11. Lean 6σ Applications
12. JIT (Just In Time)
13. HIRA (Hazards Identification and Risk Assessment)
14. Bottleneck Analysis
15. Work Management Optimization


Lean consultants play a essential role in guiding industries towards optimizing their operations and maximizing efficiency throughout the value chain.

We examine both the internal and external factors to supports our clients in their readiness as well as ability to:

  • Create SOPs, PFDs & WIs.
  • Reduce waste and boost productivity.
  • Improve workers performance constantly.
  • Boost staff productivity and work hours available.
  • Improve processes to eliminate effort duplication and rework. 
  • Minimize over-time.
  • Cut down on human error.
  • Boost the average interval between failures.
  • Enhance asset dependability and plant availability.
  • Boost condition based monitoring minimize delays to work.

Know more about our services and how we helped our clients to make their business long-lasting, beneficial changes in their day to day activities.