A Success Story On Achieving Zero Hazards In Manufacturing Industry


Safety Practice Implementation (ISO 45001:2018)

Case Introduction :

The client is a leading manufacturing company in Gujarat has been reporting frequent Fatal and Major accidents almost every quarter. The management wanted real implementation of Best Safety Practices in line with ISO 45001: 2018.

Tetrahedron conducted the preliminary Safety Audit and charted a six-month project to see through the ground-level implementation with total employee engagement and sustenance of Best Practices.

Approach Detail

Stage 1: Organisation Development and Safety KPI Finalisation :

A dedicated core team consisting of Client Dept Heads and Tetrahedron Industrial Safety Expert was formed and the Role and Responsibilities, Managing Points (MPs) and Checking Points (CPs) of each individual were finalized and signed off.

Total 29 Safety KPIs were developed for Overall Organisation like

1. Number of Reported Accidents & Incidents 11. Lost time (in hours) due to non-fatal accidents 21. % of health and safety representatives (HSR) positions filled
2. Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate 12. Number of fatalities per e.g. 100,000 hours worked 22. % of issues raised by H&S Reps actioned
3. Lost Time Injury Incidence Rate 13. Number of non-conformance with legal or internal standards 23. Percentage of OHS committee recommendations implemented
4. Monthly Health and Safety Prevention Costs 14. Number of reportable accidents 24. Total of hours in safety and health training in the month
5. Productive Days % 15. Number of reportable non-fatal accidents 25. Reporting of near misses
6. % of Management Trained in Health & Safety 16. Number of safety inspections for the month 26. Number of safety meetings and toolbox talks attended
7. Average Time to Resolution of Risks & Issues 17. Number of solved safety non-conformance for the month 27. Number of training courses completed
8. Cost of solved safety non-conformances for the month 18. % of attendance at OHS committee meetings 28. Number of inspections conducted and submitted
9. Health and safety prevention costs within the month 19. % of corrective actions closed out within specified time-frame 29. Number of closed out corrective actions
10. Lost time due to accidents (including fatalities) 20. % of fatal accidents relative to all accidents per    

Stage 2 : Safety Zone Mapping :

All the Zones are categories into three categories (RedYellow, and Green) based on Severity (For People, Environment & Asset), and Probability (Chances of Incidence).


Stage 3: SOP Development for Safety KPIs Measurement :

SOPs for monitoring all KPIs and Safety Performance was finalized.

Some Important KPIs calculation is

LTIFR ( Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate)= No of lost time injuries X 1000000) /Man-hour per year

LMHCIR (Lost Man hours case Incident Rate)= Sum of (lost time injury X man hour loss) * 1000000/ Total number of hours worked in an organization


Stage 4: Safety Training to All Employees :

Training is an integral part of ISO 45001: 2018. Tetrahedron developed 50+ Safety Training Modules for all employees.

List of Training:

Office Safety And Health Personal Protective Equipment Vehicular Operations Violence In The Workplace
Walking-Working Surfaces Hazard Communication Control Of Hazardous Energy Sources (LOTO) Permit-Required Confined Spaces
First Aid And Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Hearing Conservation Program Fall Protection Respiratory Protection
Ergonomics Electrical Safety Protection During Incident Investigation Road Safety
Permit To Work System Tools & Equipment’s Safety Machine Guarding Carbon Monoxide Gas
Hot Metal & Fire Safety Assembly Point No Drug & Alcohol Emergency Preparedness Plan
General Safety Fire Fighting HIRA Site Emergency Plan
Reporting & Investigation SAFETY” 7 “HIRA Safety Awareness Tools & Tackles
Heavy Vehicles EOT Cranes Operation General Safety Awareness Safety – LOTO

Stage 5 : Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA) Analysis : 

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment(HIRA) is a proactive safety tool that facilitate workmen to visualize the hidden hazards, potential incidents, risk assessment of the top events and implementation of effective countermeasures. It makes the workplace safe and operations as safe as possible and to keep employees from being harmed

The Major Benefit by HIRA was 

– Employee recognized Workplace Hazards

– Started working on TMS HIRA template

– 1500 workplace Hazards Identified

– 2000 potential incident (Top Event) visualized and countermeasure implemented


Stage 6: Accidents Reporting & Investigation : 

The accident is any unplanned event that results in injury/ill health to people or damages. Equipment/property/material or causes interruption of work.

Accident Reporting means systematic communication of accidents and victim details with the work supervisor and safety team along with the record-keeping and analysis.

Accident Investigation means to identify the root cause of the accident, identifying the hazard caused injury and prevent its future occurrence through effective corrective and preventive action implementation

Stage 7: Near Miss Reporting & Investigation :

Near Miss: These are dangerous occurrences that fortunately did not result in an injury but could have resulted in one.

Near miss, Reporting means systematic communication of near-miss with the work supervisor and safety team along with the record-keeping and analysis.

Near miss, Investigation means to identify the root cause of the near-miss incident, identifying the hazard caused near-miss and prevent its future occurrence through effective corrective and preventive action implementation.

On an Average 50 Near Miss Reported on Monthly Basis and respective CAPA were developed and implemented.

Stage 8 : Lock-Out & Tag-Out (LOTO) :

Machine Connected to an energy source or containing residual or stored energy are the cause of potential hazards.

Lockout: The use of a padlock to lock the controls to an energy source in an “OFF” or “de-energized” position.

Tagout: The use of an identification tag placed on the padlock identifying the person working on the equipment and warning others not to start up the equipment.

-Prepare for shutdown

-Notify Others

-Shutdown Equipment

-Isolate Equipment

-Install Locks and Tags

-Verify stored energy is shut-down

-Verify Equipment Isolation

-Perform Servicing

-Release from LOTO

Employee Started Identifying average 100 LOTO opportunity and total 272 LOTO Opportunity Implemented

Manufacturing Excellence Case Studies


Material Handling and Process Automation

(India’s Largest Precious Metal Exporters)

Challenges : 

-Extremely labor-intensive operations resulting in high costs
-High pilferage of precious raw materials
-Quarterly INR 40 Lacs of raw material unaccountable or pilfered

Approaches : 

Tetrahedron helped the company to turn around the operations of the company in an industry which resistant to change. Following results have been achieved:-

Results :

-15% reduction in Manpower; 20% reduction still ongoing
-Developed In-House Machines with the company’s engineers to Automate Workflow.
-Truck Loading Time Reduced by 28%
-Contract Worker Cost Reduction by 42% (18 to 10)


Manufacturing Excellence in Flock Manufacturing

(India’s Leading Velvet Cloth Manufacturing)

Challenges : 

-Low Productivity Leading to Lower VAPE
-High WIP and Inventory due to improper Planning
-Manual Loading leading to high labor and time

Approaches : 

Tetrahedron implemented S&OP to improve the Production planning reduce WIP reduction due to reduce order production mismatch, Designing of low-cost automation for material handling.

Results :

-VAPE improved by 17%
-WIP reduction by 23%


Implemented lean Transformation in Hero Motors


– To identify unutilised area of the plant and remove the unnecessary items.
– High Inventory due to improper Line Balancing.
– Manual operation increases the cycle time of the process.
– Designing jobs and equipment which are fit for people according to Ergonomics.


– Tetrahedron implemented 5S activity for workplace improvement.
– Process Line balance by using Time and Motion study approach.
– Provided Automation solution by which cycle time reduce and manpower saved.
– Provided solution which is Ergonomically best for the people to perform the


– Area saved by 20 %.
– 100 + Unique posters suggested.
– 10 SOC per machine identified.
– 8 HTAA in each zone identified.
– Manpower optimisation by 30 %.
– Cycle time reduced by 15 %.

Manufacturing Audit Case Studies


Energy Audit

(Leading Door & Windows Manufacturer (Rudrapur))

Challenges: (Before Tetrahedron )

  • High Energy Cost
  • 40% machine breakdown due to air pressure down


Tetrahedron conducted a Level 3 energy audit on the plant set up. Tetrahedron energy expert identify the inefficient devices which are consuming more energy and suggested the energy efficient devices.


  • 30% Energy consumption cost reduced
  • 12 new energy efficient pump implemented
  • Training done on Energy Management System    


Quality Management System Audit

( Leading Sole Manufacturer (Noida))

Challenges: (Before Tetrahedron )

  • No QMS awareness among the employee
  • No standard templates were followed
  • No Proactive quality tool like PFMA was developed


Tetrahedron conducted the initial QMS gap audit .Shared the findings with the management and staff team. TMS QMS  Consultant trained the team on Process FMEA tool and developed jointly with the team , and helped the team to identify the potential failure mode of the sole.


  • Training and hand holding for PFMEA development.
  • 50+ Non-conformance points, 150+ observation & 30 Opportunities points identified
  • Trained employee on each clauses of the QMS.      

Plant Layout Case Studies


Lean Layouting in Fettling Operation

(Leading Global Automotive Part Manufacturer)

Challenges : (Before Tetrahedron )

Operating as a batch process fettling operation leading to huge  WIPs and frequent delivery failures due to unavailability of finished goods.


Tetrahedron conducted a Time & Motion Study for Shot-blasting to painting operation of the fettling line with a target to develop a Lean Line with 5 years capacity projection. The result achieved in 6 months.


  • 3 Shifts (24 Hrs) operation reduced to 19 Hrs
  • Line Balancing Implemented – Sequential Flow of Goods, FIFO
  • Line formation with exact manpower requirement with projections
  • Identified 20+ Simple Automation
  • Multiple Operation by single workman by formation improvement
  • WIP reduced by 50%




Green Field Layout of Glazing Division

(India’s Largest UPVC  Manufacturer (Bhiwadi))

Challenges: (Before Tetrahedron )

  • High Cost due to High Manual Manufacturing
  • Low Productivity  due to non standardized product
  • High WIP because of Material Handling
  • High Manual Packaging leading to high labor Costs


Tetrahedron studied the entire production line and helped to identify at least 43 opportunities to implement automation. With this in mind, 17 high-impact projects were taken on.


  • 36% Manpower Reduction
  • Ideation and Implementation of end to end Material Handling
  • Material Handling breakages reduced by 70%
  • 40% Line Productivity Enhancement

Energy Cost Reduction Case Studies


Energy Cost Reduction Project Implementation

(Leading Gear Manufacturer (Faridabad))

Challenges : (Before Tetrahedron )


  • High Energy Consumption
  • No tracking of Heat loss
  • No Energy saving project implemented


Approaches :

Tetrahedron Energy Management Consultants team conducted an on-site Industrial Energy Audit and inspected the individual energy-consuming devices and track their performance and loss %. Some devices were found old, defective, and energy inefficient. In the end, energy isolation systems were developed and energy-efficient devices implemented. Energy KPI was established to track energy consumption.

Results :


  • 25 Energy Saving Project Identified
  • 18% Energy Cost Reduced
  • Energy-efficient devices were installed across the plant.




Energy Saving Projects Funnel Created

(Leading Heavy Equipment Manufacturer(Odisha))

Challenges: (Before Tetrahedron )

  • Monthly Energy Cost was too high
  • The management team was serious about the reduction of the plant running costs.

Approaches :

Tetrahedron Energy auditor team delivered training on Energy Management System (EMS) to the plant staff and operator level. In addition, 4 Energy Auditors conducted a Level 3 energy audit across the plant and presented the Energy Management Opportunities (EMO)s to the plant management team and identified energy savings projects for the energy team.

Results :

  • Developed an internal energy auditing and management team including 3 Management persons, 5 technical Staff & 10 technicians.
  • 65 Energy Savings Project Funnel created

Supply Chain and Logistics Cost optimization Case Studies


Logistic Cost Optimization & New Mode of Transportation Implementation

(Leading Carbon Black Manufacturer)(Faridabad)

Challenges : (Before Tetrahedron )

Management was highly concerned for high logistic expenses.)

Approaches :

Tetrahedron’s SCM experts visited the plant ,collected the initial logistic quantity, rate and route to destination map. Then analyzed the data and optimize the logistic expenses with multiple logistic partners also suggested client to cost friendly mode of transportation. TMS Team validated the quote both techno-commercially and supported the client for on-ground execution.

Results :

  • Logistic expenses reduced by 30%.
  • New Mode of transportation was selected and testing results of the implementation was highly successful.


SCM & Logistic Expenses Optimization Through Heijunka Implementation

(Leading Surgical Equipment  Manufacturer)(Agra)

Challenges : (Before Tetrahedron )

  • No fixed mode of goods transportation
  • Low Volumetric Efficiency

Approaches :

Tetrahedron team worked on this project with a dedicated on-site resources. Captured the client’s pain area and logical reasons behinds the non-standardized practices. TMS team did thorough analysis of the end-to end process and optimized the SCM. Product planning part was the major concern observed during the analysis. TMS team helped the client to Implement Heijunka practices for smooth production planning

Following results were achieved:-

Results :

  • Logistic process standardized
  • Volumetric efficiency achieved 96%
  • SCM of the company highly optimized

DOJO Case Studies


DOJO Training Center Designing & Development

(Leading Wire Harness Manufacturer (Gurgaon))

Challenges : (Before Tetrahedron)

  • No DOJO Room across the plant
  • No Skill Up-gradation Strategy
  • No flow established for proper training

Approaches : 

Tetrahedron DOJO Expert team charted a One Month project plan for DOJO Training Set-Up in 1100 Sq. Meter area. Developed a 3D Simulation and process flow design validated with the management team. Roles & Responsibilities of the team developed and TMS onsite resource tracked the daily work progress. Two innovative products were developed by the TMS team which are “Sensor-Based Walking Speed Measurement “ devices and “ Standing Posture Evaluation Devices”

Results :

  • DOJO Center set up within time frame
  • 12 Levels of DOJO implemented


DOJO Training Strategy Integration with Existing HR Strategy

(Leading Automotive Manufacturer (Rudrapur))

Challenges : (Before Tetrahedron)

  • Only Safety and Maintenance DOJO was present in DOJO room
  • No awareness of DOJO Training among the Employee

Approaches : 

Tetrahedron DOJO Expert team charted a One –Month project plan for DOJO Training Set-Up in 2500 Sq. Meter area. Developed SOPs and documentation of the DOJO training strategy. Implemented  “DOJO Strategy Manual” including DOJO Score Card, Training effectiveness Measurement System. and linked the  DOJO strategy with the Skill level of the workmen

Results :

  • Department wise DOJO training sequence developed
  • Skill  matrix integrated with DOJO training
  • DOJO On Job Training (OJT) KPIs are developed and tracked
  • On Paper Performance Evaluation System Implementation
  • Video-based & Poster based learning system developed

Compressor Improvement & Performance case study

What We Have Achieved

Compressor Performance & Assessment 

Leakage Assessment of Compressor  

Cut-Off Pressure Reduction of Compressor 

Abnormality Tagging Trend

Abnormality Tagging Effect

Abnormality Tagging Zone Wise