Planning & Prioritization Skills Training

“Planning and Prioritization skill“ is an important skill required to prepare the roadmap for project execution and sequence the task as per the need and availability of resources. Planning and Prioritizing help to achieve the project goal in a defined timeline and successfully completion of the task.

Planning & Prioritization Skills Training

Course Objective

After going through Planning and Prioritization Skill training participants will understand and learn about:

  • Tools and techniques used to plan and prioritize the task
  • The factor affecting planning and prioritizing skills
  • Time Management tools to plan the projects
  • Recognizes and addresses the interdependences of activities and resources.

Who Should Attend

  • Plant Head
  • Sales and Purchase Manager
  • Human Resources
  • Process and Planning Manager
  • Operations Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Supervisor

Benefits of Attending

Reducing the cost of the project is one of the most challenging factors. By planning and prioritization skills we can reduce the project cost by completing the task in a systematic way.

Planning and Prioritization Skill training workshop will offer the following benefits:

  • The time and effort required to complete the task can be predicted before the project execution.
  • Required resources and systems are identified and organized within the time.
  • The urgent, important, and unimportant task is identified and established the task prioritization system
  • Get enough preparation time for meetings and deadline
  • Takes advantage of available resources (individuals, processes, departments, and tools) to complete work efficiently.

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Workshop Modules

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for Planning & Prioritisation Skill

Training Outline

1.Introduction to planning
– What is Planning; Why plan; Who does what?; When do you plan?

2.Different kinds of planning
– Strategic planning/ framework
– Business/Action/Operational Planning
– Planning for an organization
– Planning for a project

3.Regular planning step-by-step
– Progress review
– Environmental scan
– Review of the strategic framework
– Review strategy
– Set new objectives
– Form follows function – plan/review structure
– Action planning

4.Planning tools – overview
– SWOT; PEST; Futuring; Stakeholder Analysis; Gap Analysis; LFA
5.Monitoring and Evaluation
– Planning for monitoring and evaluation;
– Indicators
– Planning to measure

6.Introduction of Prioritization
– Understanding
– Important vs. Urgent

7.Tools for Prioritization
– Introduction
– Important vs. Urgent
– Paired Comparison Analysis
– Grid Analysis
– Pareto Analysis
– Nominal Group Technique
– Delegation

8.Managing Procrastination
– Introduction
– Defining Procrastination
– Indicators of Procrastination
– Why You Procrastinate
– Strategies for overcoming Procrastination

– Introduction
– Scheduling Options (Long Term, Short Term, and Medium Term)

Training Deliverables











Feedback From Past Participants

“This workshop helped us to learn the tools and techniques for planning and prioritizing work.”

“This workshop helped to eliminate wasting time and increasing the productivity.”

“This workshop help to allocate our time where it’s most needed .”


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