Low-Cost Automation  in Manufacturing Consulting Services is a technology that creates some degree of low-cost automation services around the existing equipment, tool, methods, and people, using mostly standard components available in the market.

The history of industrial automation started in the mid 20th century with the vision to have fully automated factories. The current industry without low-cost automation services can be very hard to survive in the industry.


Low-Cost Automation

Our Services in Low-Cost Automation

  • Autonomous Mobile Robot(AMR): We have developed the AMR which can be used as last-mile connectivity to deliver products to the customer and as logistic optimization for freight movement at public transport locations.
  • E-Cart: It is our solution to help manage the movement of raw material within the premises of the manufacturing companies. It also helps clients to optimize their manpower and inventory movement.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness: We improve the overall equipment  efficiency by suggesting automation solutions.
  • Safety: We map the safety requirement for the process and develop the product so that the company can increase its safety standards inside the company premises.

Types Of Automation

  • Process Automation
  • Machine Automation
  • Material Handling Automation
  • Quality Control Automation
  • Dimensioning Automation
  • Hazardous Process Automation
  • Packaging Automation
  • Environmental Factor Automation

Level Of Automation In Saving Potential

Tetrahedron helps you to identify and map the existing system and design the solution that  will elevate your manufacturing to the next level with clear projections of Manpower cost-saving, Productivity  & Quality Improvement.

Some Of Our Low-Cost Automation Services

Case Study

(One of the INDIA’S LARGEST Automotive tier 1, Rudrapur )

Challenges : 

-Low productivity due to lack of information flow between different departments
-Manual operations without a line-balancing strategy
-Labour-intensive industry with losses in quality and delivery.


Approaches : 

Tetrahedron helped the company to eliminate non-value-adding activities and implement the lean methodology and low-cost automation.

Information flow between the different business processes and data analysis was implemented as a foundation for the manufacturing execution system.

Results :

-10% reduction in Manpower; up to 50% productivity improvement in many operations
-Developed In-House low-cost automation setup to eliminate NVA and streamline the process flow.
-Manpower reduction in material handling by 15%
-Safety standards upliftment to achieve zero accidents

(One of the INDIA’S LARGEST Automotive tier 1, Delhi )

Challenges : 

-Labour-intensive process resulting in high manpower consumption.
-Productivity loss due to material handling and faults in plant layout.
-High prevalence of non-value-adding activities.


Approaches : 

Tetrahedron helped the company to eliminate non-value-adding activities, manpower optimization, and line balancing.




Results :

-15% reduction in Manpower; cycle time improvement for various manual processes after performing motion time study.
-Developed In-House low-cost automation setup to eliminate NVA and streamline the process flow.
-Manpower reduction in material handling by 10%.


(One of the INDIA’S LARGEST Textile companies, kolhapur )

Challenges : 

-Quality losses due to improper material handling
-Mismanagement in the storage area and lack of material traceability



Approaches : 

Tetrahedron helped the company to establish a standard warehouse and material handling process.

Implementation of AGVs and low-cost automation solutions to increase productivity, quality and manpower optimization.


Results :

-25% reduction in Manpower; 20% reduction in the cost of inventory after standardizing the warehouse and material handling process.
-Reduction in inhouse rejection by 5% by making the process robust and implementing of vision inspection solution to attain a zero defect process.
Implementation of HRMS solution to optimize manpower utilization by 10%.

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What is low-cost automation?

Low cost automation is a concept of developing new automated machines, mechanisms, systems, etc. of old unutilized machines, mechanisms, systems which are available free of cost or at very low cost. It allows low investment so that the payback period is short, typically of the order of a few weeks to less than a year.


What is the difference between low-cost automation and zero cost automation?

 In LCA, the rate of return will be achieved within 12 to 18 months; in ZCA, the rate of return will be achieved within 3 months.


What is the benefit of low-cost automation?

 Low cost automation is very beneficial for industries as it ensures significant increase in productivity and profitability with affordable automation cost.


Why low-cost automation is used in manufacturing ?

The main aim of low cost automation is to increase Productivity and quality of products and reduce the cost of production.


What is the use of low-cost automation is used in assembly line ?

Traditional assembly and processing through only manual labor allows for higher chances of error and product waste. Automation solutions run with limited personnel, reduce error and scrap, and increase productivity, lowering product unit cost and applying more money to the bottom line.