Factory Plant Layout Design

30% Additional Space Efficiency

10% Reduction In Manufacturing Cost

20% Reduction in RM, WIP, FG

Manufacturing Plant Layout Design or Factory Layout is one of the most important parts of Lean Methodology as an efficient layout considerably reduces the Waste Associated with Flow of Material, Transportation of Material, Work In Progress (WIP), and also contributes significantly to improve operational efficiency, reduce lead time, improve safety, reduce accidents, reduce material handling & improve ergonomics.

Tetrahedron 20+ yrs of experience in setting up 50+ Greenfield projects (New Plant Set-Up) and 120+ Brown Projects (Space Creation in Existing Infrastructure with & without major infrastructural changes), helps manufacturing companies to achieve the following 10 business objectives – 

  • Improvement in Floor Space Utilisation Efficiency (Production Area versus Total Area) 
  • Reduction in Cost of Material Transportation
  • Improvement in Capacity Utilisation
  • Improvement on OLE (Overall Labour Efficiency)
  • Improve Flow of Material and Reduce Line Stops
  • Develop Flexibility for Die Change, Set-Up Change, Product Change
  • Enhance Ease of Operation Management
  • Improve Health, Safety, and Environment
  • Refine Ease of Maintenance of Complex Machines
  • Reduction in Inventory, Work In Progress, and Finished Goods

Benefits of Factory Plant Layout Design

Space Creation using plant layout and design services

30% Space Creation In Existing Infrastructure

Reduction In Space by Lean Manufacturing Layout Services

20% Reduction in Distance Travel by Material

100% Workplace Safety by factory layout planning

100% Workplace Safety Based Plant Layout

Reduction in Machine Setup Time Using Industrial Plant Layout Design and Services

50% Reduction in Machine Set-Up & Change Over Time

Reduction in Inventory using Manufacturing Plant Layout Design Services

10% Reduction in Inventory Level and Inventory Space

Reduction In Material Handling using lean manufacturing layout design

20% Reduction in Material Handling Equipment Usage

Zro stoppage because of material unavailability if plant layout is designed

Zero Line Stop Due to Material Unavailability

Visual Factory Setup using Lean Factory Layout

Visual Factory For All Activities and Process

Proper light is the benefit of Manufacturing layout design

Proper Lighting & Usage of Natural Light

Manufacturing Layout helps you prepare for the future changes in the factory

Prepare For Future Changes and Enablers

Layout Development Detailed Approach

Stage Description Deliverables
Management Requirement Analysis - Objective and Scope for New Layout
- 5 Yrs Business Growth Projection
- Specific Strategy / Goal for New Plant
- Discussion With management
- Sharing Best Practices of Other Industry
- Layout Effectiveness Criteria Set Up (Layout Efficiency, Material Distance Travel, Number of Stores, Volumetric Space Utilization, Machine Density, Inventory Space Ratio)
Data Collection, Process Mapping & Analysis - Product Analysis – Quantity, Size, Shape, Weight
- Raw Material Analysis – Quantity, Properties, Lead Time
- Machine Analysis – Dimension, Weight, Tools, CTM
- Process Analysis – Flow, Cycle Time, Man Power, CTQ / CTB
- Selecting The Best Layout Product Layout / Process Layout / Cellular Layout / Job Shop (Static Layout) or combination of these as per analysis
Step 1
Flow Design
- Aisle / Gangway Design
- Manual Accessibility Path Design
- Safety Equipment, Exits
- Minimizing Distance Travel by Material
Step 2
Stores Design
- FG Store Design
- Raw Material Store Design
- WIP Place / Line Side Store Design
- Ensure Zero Delivery Failure and Zero Line Stop
- Reduce / Optimize Inventory
- Reduce Fire Fighting in Inbound and Outbound Logistics
Step 3
Machine and Work Station Design
- Machine Sequencing
- Tool & Fixture Space Designing
- Machine Accessibility For Maintenance
- Machine Input and Output Space Design
- Reduce Manual / Forklift Material Transfer
- Ensure Quick Change Over
- Ensure Quick Maintenance
- Zero Machine Stop Due to Material Unavailability
Step 4
Production Support Functions
- Administration Activity
- Utilities & Support
- Other Departments
- Material Handling
- Employee Facility Centers
- 360 Coverage of all non – production activities
Step 5
Facility Ergonomics Design
- Industrial Safety, Fire Protection
- Noise Control
- Dust Control (If Applicable)
- Ventilation and Exhaust
- Lighting (Day & Artificial)
- Industrial Sanitation & Plumbing
- Security
- Facility designed for Safety and Better Performance
Step 6
Validation, Iteration & Confirmation
- Iterate the Draft Layout for improvement
- Validate from Management
- Confirm & Handover
- Ensure Optimum Layout Efficiency
- 2D and 3D Designing Handover
- 3D (Live) Simulation if required

Advantages of Tetrahedron's Layout Approach

A Plant / Factory layout should be valid for at least 5 Yrs.

Plant Layout is a critical investment for any manufacturing company, and a flow-focused – effective layout impacts business performances and profitability. Once a layout is frozen it’s almost impossible or very cost-intensive to change the layout especially after the civil works are completed. Tetrahedron considers these facts and tries to create multiple (more than 10) simulation wherein the client can select the best possible layout with existing business requirements as well as all possible future plans.

Smulation of plant design services

Visualize how your future plant would look like

The 3D simulations created by Tetrahedron works as a perfect bridge between the Concept Level Layout and Final Post Construction layout. Tetrahedron uses multiple software for layout design and 3D simulations, that helps the clients to visualize how the future plant is going to look like.

Business & Operational Performance Planning

Tetrahedron takes into consideration lean manufacturing practices and design layouts that will help to –

(1) Improve Line Balancing

(2) Improve Manpower Utilization

(3) Plan and Optimise Inventory

(4) Calculate Manpower Requirements

(5) Reduce Material Handling Equipment Requirement

(6) Improve Space Efficiency

Plant Layout Benefits

Case Studies

                     Lean Layouting in Fettling Operation

      (Leading Global Automotive Part Manufacturer)


Challenges :

(Before TMS – Operating as a batch process fettling operation leading to huge  WIPs and frequent delivery failures due to unavailability of finished goods)





Approaches :

Tetrahedron conducted a Time & Motion Study for Shot-blasting to painting operation of the fettling line with a target to develop a Lean Line with 5 Yrs capacity projection. The result achieved in 6 months:-



Results :

  • 3 Shifts (24 Hrs ) operation reduced to 19 Hrs
  • Line Balancing Implemented – Sequential Flow of Goods, FIFO
  • Line formation with exact manpower requirement with projections
  • Identified 20+ Simple Automation
  • Multiple Operation by single workman by formation improvement
  • WIP reduced by 50%

Green Field Layout of Glazing Division

 (India’s Largest UPVC  Manufacturer (Bhiwadi))



Before Tetrahedron:

  • High Cost due to High Manual Manufacturing
  • Low Productivity  due to nonstandardized product
  • High WIP because of Material Handling
  • High Manual Packaging leading to high labor Costs 


Approaches :

Tetrahedron studied the entire production line and helped to identify at least 43 opportunities to implement automation. With this in mind, 17 high-impact projects were taken on.



Results :

  • 36% Manpower Reduction
  • Ideation and Implementation of end to end Material Handling
  • Material Handling breakages reduced by 70%
  • 40% Line Productivity Enhancement

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