Plant Layout Development


20% – 30% Space Efficiency

Reduced NVAs

Optimized Inventory Space Ratio

Execution Time-Line

 Stage  Activity  Deliverable
Management Requirement Analysis
  • Objective and Scope for New Layout
  • 5 Yrs Business Growth Projection
  • Specific Strategy / Goal for New Plant
  • Discussion with management
  • Sharing Best Practices of other Industry
  • Layout Effectiveness Criteria Set Up (Layout Efficiency, Material Distance Travel, Number of Stores, Volumetric Space Utilization, Machine Density, Inventory Space Ratio)
Data Collection, Process Mapping & Analysis
  • Product Analysis – Quantity, Size, Shape, Weight
  • Raw Material Analysis – Qnty, Properties, Lead Time
  • Machine Analysis – Dimension, Weight, Tools, CTM
  • Process Analysis – Flow, Cycle Time, Man Power, CTQ / CTB
  • Selecting The Best Layout Product Layout / Process Layout / Cellular Layout / Job Shop ( Static Layout) or combination of these as per analysis
Step 1 – Flow Design
  • Aisle / Gangway Design
  • Manual Accessibility Path Design
  • Safety Equipment, Exits
  • Minimizing Distance Travel by Material
Step 2 – Stores Design
  • F Store Design
  • Raw Material Store Design
  • WIP Place / Line Side Store Design
  • Ensure Zero Delivery Failure and Zero Line Stop
  • Reduce / Optimize Inventory
  • Reduce Fire Fighting in Inbound and Outbound Logistics
Step 3 – Machine and Work Station Design
  • Machine Sequencing
  • Tool & Fixture Space Designing
  • Machine Accessibility For Maintenance
  • Machine Input and Output Space Design
  • Reduce Manual / Forklift Material Transfer
  • Ensure Quick Change Over
  • Ensure Quick Maintenance
  • Zero Machine Stop Due to Material Unavailability
Step 4 – Production Support Functions
  • Administration Activity
  • Utilities & Support
  • Other Departments
  • Material Handling
  • Employee Facility Centers
  • 360 Coverage of all non – production activities
Step 5 – Facility Ergonomics Design
  • Industrial Safety, Fire Protection
  • Noise Control
  • Dust Control (If Applicable)
  • Ventilation and Exhaust
  • Lighting (Day & Artificial)
  • Industrial Sanitation & Plumbing
  • Security
  • Facility designed for Safety and Better Performance
Step 6 – Validation, Iteration & Confirmation
  • Iterate the Draft Layout for improvement
  • Validate from Management
  • Confirm & Handover
  • Ensure Optimum Layout Efficiency
  • 2D and 3D Designing Handover
  • 3D (Live) Simulation if required

Case Studies

                     Lean Layouting in Fettling Operation

      (Leading Global Automotive Part Manufacturer)


Challenges :

(Before TMS – Operating as a batch process fettling operation leading to huge  WIPs and frequent delivery failures due to unavailability of finished goods)

Approaches :

Tetrahedron conducted Time & Motion Study for Shot blasting to  painting operation of the fettling line with a target to develop a Lean Line with 5 Yrs capacity projection.The result achieved in 6 months:-

Results :

  • 3 Shifts (24 Hrs ) operation reduced to 19 Hrs
  • Line Balancing Implemented – Sequential Flow of Goods, FIFO
  • Line formation with exact manpower requirement with projections
  • Identified 20+ Simple Automation
  • Multiple Operation by single workman by formation improvement
  • WIP reduced by 50%

Green Field Layout of Glazing Division

 (India’s Largest UPVC  Manufacturer (Bhiwadi))


Challenges : (Before Tetrahedron:

  • High Cost due to High Manual Manufacturing
  • Low Productivity  due to non standardized product
  • High WIP because of Material Handling
  • High Manual Packaging leading to high labour Costs ”)

Approaches :

Tetrahedron studied the entire production line and helped in  identify at least 43 opportunities to implement automation .With this in mind, 17 high impact projects were taken on.

Results :

  • 36% Manpower Reduction
  • Ideation and Implementation of end to end Material Handling
  • Material Handling breakages reduced by 70%
  • 40% Line Productivity Enhancement

Benefits Of Plant Layout Design

     A good and efficient plant layouting helps in 

  • High productivity
  • Minimization of material transportation
  • Optimized storage space 
  • Minimum value adding activity
  • Reduced material handling
  • Minimum throughput time
  • Better safety and less chance of accidents
  • Minimization of scrap
  • Ergonomically fit environment


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