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Our experienced Energy Management Consultant provides fastest, lowest Cost and AI based efficient
Energy Consulting Services for reducing CO2 emissions and Energy Cost.

Identify Energy Loss

Track Energy Performances

10%- 20% Saving’s on Electricity Bill

Energy Cost Reduction

Under the Energy Management System we provide Energy Consulting Services and end-to-end solutions for Common problems like Energy eater machines in an overloaded, oversized, and inefficient state cause the bill to reach the sky. Even overheated motors & compressors can also raise the load but with proper energy reduction policies implementation, costly billing & machine failure can be prevented. Regular Housekeeping and maintenance of machine keeps them in just state and check on voltage imbalance.

However, by thoroughly reviewing how your business uses power, there are several key ways in which to improve efficiency and optimize significant savings.

  • To minimize energy cost/waste without affecting production & quality
  • To minimize environmental effects
  • To achieve & maintain optimum energy procurement & utilization throughout the organization

All industries face a common challenge on how to improve productivity while reducing energy consumption. Energy Cost Reduction and Energy Management System has always been thought of as merely a cost of doing business. However, with efficient Energy Management Solutions and services, a reduction of 10-20% annual consumption can be saved without affecting your productivity and targets.

Industries We Serve

Equipment Performance Improvement

♦ Pumps Efficiency & Performance Improvement
♦ Refrigeration Compressors Efficiency Improvement
♦ HVAC  Performance Improvement
♦ Cooling Towers Efficiency & Performance Improvement
♦ Fans & Blowers Efficiency & Performance Improvement
♦ Air Compressors Efficiency & Performance Improvement
♦ Heat Exchanger Performance Enhancement

♦ Steam Turbines Efficiency & Performance Improvement
♦ Electrical Motors Efficiency Improvement
♦ Waste Heat Recovery Efficiency & Performance Improvement
♦ Boilers Efficiency & Performance Improvement
♦ Thermopacs & Thermic Fluid Heaters Efficiency Improvement
♦ Furnaces & Ovens Efficiency & Performance Improvement
♦ Steam Trap Performance Assessment Enhancement

Benefits of working with us

Our Approach


♦ Training on Energy Awareness

What Do We Do?

Training Man Hour


♦ Furnace Heat Analysis
♦ Wall and Separation Material
♦ Heat Emitting Source analysis
♦ Ventilation System

What DO WE DO?

Heat Loss Reduction


♦ Component Vibration
♦ Component Temperature
♦ Cavitation Checking
♦ Fluid Properties Test
♦ Seal Leakage Test
♦ Flow Rate Test
♦ Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) Test

What Do We Do?

Pump Efficiency Improvement


♦ Power Consumption
♦ Sound Pressure

What Do We Do?

Motor Efficiency Improvement


♦ Compressor Running Time
♦ Air Pressure Head Drop

What Do We Do?

Air Compressor Running Cost Reduction


♦ Power Consumption
♦ Component Vibration
♦ Component Temperature
♦ Sound Pressure
♦ Seal Leakage Test

What Do We Do?

Compressor Performance Improvement


♦ Office Lighting
♦ Shop Floor Lighting Systems
♦ Work Station Lighting

What Do We Do?

Workplace Lighting Improvement


♦ Office Lighting
♦ Shop Floor Lighting Systems
♦ Work Station Lighting
♦ Energy Efficient Lighting
♦ Light Operation Automation

What Do We Do?

2% to 5 Saving in Lighting Energy

Case Studies



How to reduce my energy cost/electricity bill/electricity cost?

The overall cost of energy may be a combination of electricity bill and fuel bill which can be reduce by following 3 approaches:

  1. Creating of an energy map of your organisation.
  2. Focusing on the high energy heater/high energy consuming equipments  of your company like furnaces, compressors, pumps and motors and general lightnings.
  3. By careful shifting production load to the non peak hour of energy cost/energy supply/electricity supply which is called TOD (Time Of Distribution).

What are the expected energy savings at the time of implementing the energy savings measures?

The expected energy savings at the time of implementing the energy savings measures are approximately 10% to 20%. You can expect high savings but it depends on your investment too.

What is the duration of the project implementation?

The duration of the project implementation is between 6 months to 12 months.

How much will the project cost me and when will I get the ROI?

The investment/ cost may depend on the opportunities identified by us for your company and how quickly we would be able to implement it for saving of your energy cost. Likewise, the ROI can also be achieved somewhere between 6 months to 1 year time. Generally, we divide the whole project of energy saving into 3 categories:

  1. Low hanging fruit -easy to implement category where ROI can be less than 3 months also.

  2. Some of these opportunities can take for implementation of 3 months to 9 months or 6 months to 12 months of ROI.

  3. Few of these implementations require some investment which can have more than 12 months of ROI.

How will the energy savings be measured?

The energy savings will be measured in terms of rupees.

How much can I save by implementing an energy reduction initiative?

Generally, saving varies from 10% to 20% year on year basis and also if some of these initiatives require investment, then how much investment that we going to put in that, decides percentage of your energy savings.

What does an energy audit involve?

An energy audit involves an Energy awareness training, Heat loss analysis, Pump efficiency analysis, Air leakage analysis, Compressor performance, Diesel usage analysis, and Workplace lighting (LUX Audit).

Can I implement energy saving initiative by myself?

Yes, It depends if you have know-how for implementing the energy audit initiative. If require, we can assist you by providing technical know- how with respect to each of these machines or equipments or energy heating equipments, so that you can implement this of your own.

Do you also provide energy cost saving training?

Yes, We provide training to make a company capable of understanding like where are the energy leakages happening or how to reduce leakages of the organisation.

What is an energy map?

An energy map is a 360 degree representation of your equipments, processes, consumption, supply, timings and put in cell of energy related information. This energy map is very vital tool for severe management to understand and prioritize what are the areas and what is the scope of energy saving they can look into for.