Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis | PFMEA


PFMEA “Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis” is a structured approach that ensures potential process failure modes and their associated causes have been considered and addressed in the design of the process.


Course Objective


  • Identify the critical process parameters.
  • Learn to make our process more robust.
  • Explain the whole procedure of PFMEA, step by step
  • Use PFMEA in daily improvements
  • Identify where to use  PFMEA to solve problems
  • Develop practices of conducting the boundary diagram, Interface Matrix, and the Parameter  Diagram before going for process design

Who Should Attend


  • Manufacturing Managers
  • Product Engineers and Managers
  • Quality Engineers and Managers
  • Maintenance Manager
  • New Product Development Managers
  • Technical Staff
  • Quality Professionals
  • Suppliers Quality Assurance
  • Production Manager

Benefits of Attending


The Process FMEA is being conducted after the Design FMEA process and the Process FMEA procedure is a highly effective way to evaluate the process of any operation. It is as valuable for revealing areas needing improvement as it is for guiding the development of new processes and also the concerned processes.

  • Help Identifying potential failure modes ranked according to their effect on the customer; establishes a priority system for process improvement and development testing while still in the planning phase.
  • Provides critical input for the planning of effective process test and development programs
  • Provides critical input for the process control plan
  • Initiates Rational prioritization of potential failures for corrective/preventive action and/or redesign.
  • It also gives a clear understanding of the concerned process, so as to generate strong ideas on developing a failure-free process.
  • Ultimately attracts customer satisfaction on the critical process.

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Workshop Modules

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Training Outline

1. Introduction to Process FMEA
– Process FMEA Information Flow

2. Inputs to Process FMEA
– Process Flow Diagram
– Product Characteristic Matrix
– Parameter Diagram
– Process Function Requirements

3. Process Function Requirements
– Determine Function
– How to Identify Process Function/Requirements
– Process Flows, Characteristic Matrices, and Characteristic Linkages
– Components of Process Function Requirements

4. Potential Failure Modes
– How to Identify Failure Mode Types
– How to Identify Potential Failure Modes

5. Potential Effects of Failure
– Potential Effects of Failure
– How to Identify Potential Effects of Failure

6. Severity
– How to Identify Severity
– Process Severity Rating Table

7. Potential Causes/Mechanisms of Failure
– How to Identify potential Causes/Mechanisms of Failure

8. Occurrence
– How to Identify Occurrence
– Process Occurrence Rating Table
– Classification
– Identifying Special Characteristics

9. Process Controls
– Current Process Controls
– Types of Process Controls
– How to Identify Process Controls

10. Detection
– How to Identify Detection Ratings
– Effectiveness Factors
– Process Detection Rating Table

11. Risk Priority Number (RPN)
– Calculating Risk Priority Number

12. Recommended Actions
– How to Identify Recommended Actions

13. Action Taken
– How to Ensure Recommended Actions

Training Deliverables











Feedback From Past Participants


This training program has helped us to think broadly about how to frame a process.

Our Process performance has almost improved to 70%.

PFMEA has helped us in framing a robust control plan.


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