Industrial Control Panel Standard UL 508A Training

Get to know the critical compliance requirements of UL 508A safety standard

UL 508A is a standard for the construction of industrial control panels, offering guidelines to panel builders on  proper component selection, grounding, wiring methods and cable routing.

UL 508A provides a third party inspection authority to provide the customer with proof the assembled industrial control panel meets electrical safety standards and in compliance with the national electrical code.

Course objective

  • Compliance with UL 508 includes 
  • Is required to maintain Ul certifications during inspection and audits.
  • Assures your customer that your product is built with a high level of electric security.
  • Allow your panels to be UL Marked as a complete appliance.
  • Gain Competitive advantage with UL 508A compliance product.
  • Our ul508a panel design fundamental training covers the standard requirement and demonstrates how we help you to be compliant. 

Who Should Attend

  • New product development manager 
  • Quality Engineers and managers 
  • Quality Professionals 
  • NTP Project developer
  • VAVE project developer
  • Industrial Control Panel Builders
  • Safety Compliance Professionals

Benefits of Attending

The UL 508A mark  is accepted and recognized across the world.

Training Outline

1.Introduction to the Standard

Introduction to UL 508A Industrial Control Panels Power Distribution and Control standard

-Harmonised IEC Standard, Its impact and overview


2.Applying the standard 

The Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ),

-Product Certification, FLA, FLC – Branch vs Feeder,

-Combination Starter Types, 

-Suitable Components for Feeder circuits, 

-The use of Supplementary Protectors,

 -When to use UL 508A and other standards,


 3.Terminal Temperature Limitations

-Minimum required spacings in branch and control circuits, 

-Use of components in the Feeder part of the panel,

-Cable assembly inside ICP, 

-Expected Field Cable assembly, 

-Disconnect Switches, 

-Branch Circuit sizing and Protection,

– The Tap Conductors, 

-Machine Supply Circuit and Disconnecting Means

-Protection from Direct Contacts, How to size a feeder,

-CE Code: Rule 4-006, Control Circuits, Bonding – Size of Terminal or Bonding Conductor,

4. Transformer and Power Supply Secondary Grounding

– Identification of Grounding and Grounded Circuit Conductors and Terminals, Enclosures and Accessibility of Live Parts

-Ventilation Openings, Bonding, Wire Bending Space


5. Enclosure Environmental Control Devices

-Power Circuits: Components Type, Sizing, Conductor requirements, 

-Circuit breaking: Component Type, Sizing, Setting, Combination Motor Controller: Sizing of Motor, Heating loads and Lights 

-Feeder Circuits: Components type and Sizing 

-Power Transformers: Components type and Sizing 

-Control Circuits: Components type and sizing 

-Low-Voltage Limited Energy Circuits 

-Components and Panels Marking 

-Industrial Control Panels 

-Calculation of SCCR (Short Circuit Current Rating),

-Tests and Verifications


6.Future Expectation 

-Future expansion of UL 508A to different standard, Expansion to new safety requirements

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