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ISO 31000:2018 Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

ISO 31000:2018 is an international standard that provides guidance on enterprise risk management (ERM). ERM is a systematic and structured approach to identifying, assessing, and managing risks faced by organizations. The standard was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and is applicable to all types of organizations, regardless of their size, sector, or industry.

The purpose of ISO 31000:2018 is to assist organizations in establishing and implementing an effective ERM framework that enables them to proactively identify and manage risks. It emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to risk management, considering both internal and external factors that can impact an organization’s objectives.

ISO 31000 Principles of Risk Management

  • Integrated
  • Structured and Comprehensive
  • Customized
  • Inclusive
  • Dynamic
  • Best Available Information
  • Human and Cultural Factors
  • Continual Improvement

Benefits of adopting ISO 31000:2018

♦ Comprehensive Risk Management Framework: ISO 31000 provides a structured framework for identifying, assessing, and managing risks across the entire organization.

♦ Enhanced Decision-Making: The ISO 31000 framework facilitates informed decision-making by integrating risk management into the organization’s overall strategic and operational processes.

♦ Proactive Risk Identification: ISO 31000 emphasizes the importance of proactively identifying risks rather than reacting to them after they occur.

♦ Improved Risk Assessment and Treatment: ISO 31000 guides organizations in conducting thorough risk assessments and determining appropriate risk treatment strategies.

♦ Stakeholder Confidence and Trust: Adopting ISO 31000 demonstrates an organization’s commitment to managing risks in a structured and transparent manner. 

♦ Compliance with Regulatory Requirements: ISO 31000 provides a framework aligned with internationally recognized best practices in risk management.

♦ Continual Improvement: ISO 31000 promotes a culture of continual improvement in risk management.

♦ Integration with Other Management Systems: ISO 31000 is designed to be compatible with other management system standards, such as ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management).

TMS Unique Approach For ISO 31000:2018 Implementation

  •  Activities 

♦ Risk Strategy & appetite development

  •  Deliverables 

♦ Developing Risk Strategy
♦ Linkage of Risk strategy to Corporate Strategy
♦ Identifying Risk Appetite & Tolerance

  •  Activities

♦ ERM Team Formation & Defining Role Responsibilities of Project Leaders 

  • Deliverables 

♦ Define project Stakeholders(Lead risk owners)
♦ Define Key Risk Areas
♦ Define Project Org. Structure
♦ Define Project Steering Team
♦ Conduct Risk Management Team Meetings
♦ Define Role & Responsibilities of all Project Leaders

  • Activities 

♦ ERM Policies and Goals

  •  Deliverables 

♦ Developing Risk Strategy
♦ State Scope of the ERM System and Set Goals
♦ Formulate ERM Policy/ Framework
♦ ISO 31000 Risk management standards

  • Activities

♦ Performance Management System

  •  Deliverables 

♦ Publish ERM KRI’s(Key Risk Indicator)
♦ Define KRI Review Mechanism
♦ Preparing Risk Guidance Mechanism
♦ Developing KRI Dashboard

  • Activities 

♦ Awareness and decision support System

  • Deliverables 

♦ Awareness & Understanding
♦ Integration in day to day operations
♦ Decision Support System Development
♦ Linking of ERM to Enterprise performance management

  • Activities 

♦ Conducting Risk Audits

  • Deliverables 

♦ Risk Audit Sheet development
♦ Conducting Risk Audits

  • Activities 

♦ Conduct Workplace Risk Identification & Risk Assessment Studies


♦ Risk Categories & Definitions
♦ Define Risk Identification Mechanism
♦ Preparing Risk Assessment template
♦ Risk Assessment criteria
♦ Defining Risk Prioritisation criteria
♦ Conducting Risk Assessment

♦ Preparing Risk Assessment template

  •  Activities 

♦ Preparing risk management plan

  • Deliverables 

♦ Risk Budgeting
♦ Risk Mitigation, Response & Action Plans
♦ Testing to identify gaps in risk management plan
♦ Evaluate the effectiveness of the risk management plan
♦ Monitoring Mechanisms

  •  Activities 

♦ Risk Reporting Mechanism & Requirements

  • Deliverables 

♦ Risk Reporting Mechanism
♦ identifying Business / Operational Requirements
♦ Incorporating Board & Senior Management Requirements
♦ identifying External Requirements

  •  Activities 

♦ Data Governance & analytics

  • Deliverables 

♦ Data Quality & Governance
♦ Risk Analytics
♦ Technology Enablement

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Training and Support in Implementation – TMS ‘s ISO Certification Consultant are IRCA/CQI Certified & Highly Qualified, Who Train and Sensitize Employees on Requirement and Benefits of ISO System followed by helping in Documentation Processes, SOP Development & Implementation required for External Certification. Maintaining ISO compliance doesn’t have to be expensive at all! With a lean and compliant ISO quality consulting strategy, we further support for ISO Sustenance/ Surveillance Audit.

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