Strategic Management Training Courses

Our Training & Workshops will help you to think more strategically and develop required skills

Strategic management training is a form of training that, according to a business’s strategic planning, values and goals, provides employees with the necessary tools and information required to complete their tasks successfully. An organizational strategy is a planned effort that produces fundamental decisions and actions, which in turn shape and guide an organization, its goal, and activities, focusing every plan on the future. Strategic Management Course helps in providing a starting point from which progress can be measured,  from which we can develop a clear focus of the organization and increase productivity by bringing staff and board to work in a coordinated team. The purpose of the corporate strategy courses is to help the organization do a better job, ensure that employees are working together for the same goals, assess and adjust the organization’s direction in response to an ever-changing environment.

Strategic Training Workshops are best suited for Top & Senior Leadership which help them to design, deploy and drive strategies. We have 60+ Workshop Modules in Strategic Workshops


  • Our vast portfolio of experience includes every modality available for technical learners: instructor-led both in the classroom and virtual environment; self-paced eLearning, podcasts, videos, mobile learning solutions, game-based learning, and social learning.

  • When new modalities are introduced, the team at Tetrahedron makes sure it learns and masters those platforms and training strategies. 

  • Ours is a consultative approach.

  • Even when a client asks for a proposal on a specific modality, Tetrahedron does its due diligence to make sure the preferred approach can achieve the client’s learning objectives within their budget and timeframe.

  • In the event, our needs assessment finds an alternative or blended approach that would provide stronger results we are not afraid to say so. In fact, we believe it’s our obligation to do so.

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Manufacturing Business and its dynamics are now so complex and difficult, the survival of firms so hazardous in an environment increasingly unpredictable, competitive, and fraught with danger, that their continued existence depends on the day-to-day review and mobilization of every ounce of intelligence. Read more…

Design Thinking is a people-centered problem-solving tool that focuses on User, Collaboration, Co-creation, and stakeholders and their feedback for Creativity and Innovation. The key to the process is empathizing with the users to uncover unmet needs by understanding their beliefs, and behaviors. Read more…

The Balanced Score Card  (BSC)drives the direction in which a manager wants to take their business. BSC provides a platform that acts as a measuring tape to determine whether the set goals have been met or exceeded. It adds non-financial metrics to Read more…

Finance is the backbone of any organization. A team will be equipped with nuances of financial decision-making tools can bring better result and drive your organization’s growth, & visualize the impact your financial decisions your unit’s profitability and of your organization. Read more…

TRIZ includes a practical methodology, tool sets, a knowledge base, and model-based technology for generating innovative solutions for problem-solving. TRIZ presents a systematic approach for understanding and defining challenging problems and provides a range of strategies and tools for finding these inventive solutionsRead more…

“Competency Mapping” is a process of identifies key competencies for an organization and/or a job and incorporating those competencies throughout the various processes (i.e., job evaluation, training, recruitment) of the organization. It helps to find the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and plan accordingly. Read more…

“Skill Mapping” is strategic method use for the skill management of individuals. It is very important to define the skills required for a job or project to make it successful. It is also required for individual skill development plans to increase their productivity &  efficiency. Reducing Manpower Unit Cost helps to reduce the Read more…

“DWM and Time Management” is a strategic method that is designed to rank our daily tasks, help control distractions and stay focused and also help us to track time to aware of work completions. Prioritize our work based on its importance. Cover all the important tasks within  Read more…

“World Class Manufacturing“ is the collection of concepts, Which set the standard for production and manufacturing for another organization to follow. It establishes a standard process and set the benchmark for the manufacturing of the product. Establishing the Standard Process of Manufacturing. Read more…



  • Balance Score Card (BSC)
  • Bench Marking and Best Practices in Mfg
  • Business Simulation – Multi-Layer Domain Specific
  • Change Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ethics & Values in Organisation


  • Hoshin Kanri and X-Matrix Strategy Deployment
  • Leadership Skills
  • Project Management(Certification)
  • Team Commitment Confirmation
  • Achievement Orientation
  • Sales and Customer Relation

  • Big Data Science for Data Analysis in Mfg/SCM
  • Business Analysis – (ECBA, CCBA, CBAP)
  • Advanced MS Excel – Dashboards & MIS

  • Problem Solving and Strategic Thinking
  • Problem Solving by System Thinking
  • SCAMPER for Innovation


  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers
  • Industry 4.0 – PreparationStrategy
  • Sales & Operation Planning (S&OP) &IBP
  • Theory of Constraints(TOC)
  • SAP Training ( MM, ME, SD, FICO, HR)
  • Value Stream Mapping – VSM


  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Analytics

  • Audit Carbon Foot Print & Carbon CreditTrading
  • Green Building Audit & Execution Methodology
  • Sustainability
  • Green Manufacturing Systems: Applications

  • 7 Effective Way of Performance Management
  • Focused Performance Improvement – KRA KPI JD
  • Job Description and Analysis
  • Performance and CompetencyMapping
  • Strategic Performance Management
  • Team Management and Leadership
  • Training Need Analysis by Statistical Approach
  • Skill Mapping & Training Need Identification

  • Shanin Quality Principle
  • The Taguchi Method

  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Certification – (CSCP,CSCM)
  • SS – Critical Negotiation Skills in Procurement
  • Developing a World-class Procurement Strategy
  • Developing and Managing Contracts and SLAs
  • Effective Tendering and Supplier Management
  • Finance for Procurement Professionals
  • Fundamentals of Purchasing & Procurement
  • Fundamentals of Strategic Sourcing

  • International Procurement Programme
  • Legal Aspects in Sourcing & SCM
  • Managing Procurement Risk
  • Managing Total Cost of Ownership
  • Selling Procurement Business Cases
  • Spend Analysis
  • Strategic Sourcing and Category Management
  • Understanding Incoterms