Manpower Cost Reduction

OEE Improvement

Productivity Improvement


Operational Excellence in Manufacturing is a holistic approach to achieve the desired Vision Mission Objective and Goals of an organization by a series of tools and techniques that align the organization’s culture, enable employees, and sustain all implemented initiatives. The manufacturing excellence programs are also used in different formats in part or whole with names like Operational Excellence, World Class Manufacturing (WCM), Business Turn Around, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Total Quality Management (TQM), and many more.

Tetrahedron helps your organization to improve productivity, improve performance, gain competitive advantages. Manufacturing Excellence Principles provides a step-by-step implementation methodology. For the success of all the prerequisites, it supports the development.

With  Operational Excellence, Tetrahedron helps companies to focus on their efforts at establishing winning Best Practices and a core competitive advantage. It leads to implement lean manufacturing techniques. For many organizations, operational excellence is the set of Toyota Production System (TPS) “tools” that help eliminate waste, lower production time and costs.


manufacturing excellence by cost saving

Profitability Improvement

Business Sustenance

 Business Sustenance   

employee engagement in manufacturing industries

Employee Engagement & Enablement


Manufacturing Companies have been witnessing challenges threatening their own survival with respect to : 

Increasing Man-Power Cost

increasing input material cost

Increasing Input Material Cost

changing customer requirement

Frequently Changing Customer Requirement

Cut throat supply chain

Cut Throat Supply Chain

legal & statutory compliances

Legal & Statutory Compliances

Though these challenges are external factors and can’t be controlled by any company, the one and only way to remain sustainable / survive is by a structured Manufacturing Excellence Approach. Operational excellence drives performance levels that really change the company’s competitive position in the marketplace. It helps the organization to challenge itself and achieve its optimum potential.

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    Manufacturing ExcellenceProcess Improvement
    Focuses on Gain and SustainFocuses on Gain only
    Strengthening of OrganizationStrengthening a Process
    Includes the whole organizationIncludes a person / small team
    Top-Down ApproachBottom-Up Approach
    Scope Extends to Customers and SuppliersScope mostly Limited to a Dept / Section
    Aligned with Organization Vision Mission and Long Term StrategiesAligned with Processes’ Cost, Quality, Safety, and Productivity
    Unique and Cant be copied/replicated for other organizationCan be replicated/copied to another process

    Works Like an immune booster for organizations’ to face present and future challenges

    Works like medicine to relieve from pain quickly

    Manufacturing Consulting services

    Most of the time organizations confuse between these two terms and under the false impression of Driving Manufacturing Excellence while implementing Process Improvement Kaizens.

    So What shall the organization go for a Kaizen / Improvement Program or Drive a Manufacturing Excellence Program?

    The answer is simple→ à both of these are required.

    Case Studies

    Material Handling and Process Automation

    (India’s Largest Precious Metal Exporters)

    Challenges : 

    -Extremely labor-intensive operations resulting in high costs
    -High pilferage of precious raw materials
    -Quarterly INR 40 Lacs of raw material unaccountable or pilfered

    Approaches : 

    Tetrahedron helped the company to turn around the operations of the company in an industry which resistant to change. Following results have been achieved:-


    -15% reduction in Manpower; 20% reduction still ongoing
    -Developed In-House Machines with the company’s engineers to Automate Workflow.
    -Truck Loading Time Reduced by 28%
    -Contract Worker Cost Reduction by 42% (18 to 10)

    Manufacturing Excellence in Flock Manufacturing

    (India’s Leading Velvet Cloth Manufacturing)

    Challenges : 

    -Low Productivity Leading to Lower VAPE
    -High WIP and Inventory due to improper Planning
    -Manual Loading leading to high labor and time

    Approaches : 

    Tetrahedron implemented S&OP to improve the Production planning reduce WIP reduction due to reduce order production mismatch, Designing of low-cost automation for material handling.

    Results : 

    -VAPE improved by 17%
    -WIP reduction by 23%

    Benefits of Manufacturing Excellence

    • Exceeding Organizational Target
    • Sustenance of Improvement
    • Improving Employee Engagement
    • Achieving Zero Defect Condition
    • Improving Productivity
    • Manufacturing Cost Reduction
    • Achieving Zero Effect Environment
    • Achieving Zero Delay in Delivery

    To adhere to Manufacturing Excellence in your organization

    Our Clients

    excellence clients



    Employee Engagement: To improve workplace conditions that drive engagement and enhance employee sense of well-being.


    • Basic 5S Awareness
    • 1S, 2S Implementation
    • Workplace Visual Management (Visual Factory)
    • Kaizen Strategy Implementation
    • Suggestion Scheme
    • Innovative Leaders


    Zero Breakdown: Maintenance is all about working for the ultimate goal with a winning maintenance strategy.


    • My Machine Campaign
    • CLIT
    • Machine Utilization Monitoring
    • Machine Losses Reduction
    • Breakdown Analysis
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • 3S ,4S & 5S for Machine & Office area


    Zero Waste: To eliminate waste across entire waste value chains to the fullest extent possible through reuse and recycling. Zero Waste is more than just a problem of disposal but a need to reduce harm encompassing the entire life cycle of a product.


    • Time & Motion Study
    • Lean Layouting
    • ZCA (Zero Cost Automation) & LCA (Low-Cost Automation)
    • Material Handling Optimization
    • OEE/ OLE


    Zero Accident: The risk of falling, risks related to electricity or handling of machinery, road hazards, and more. Every day, the awareness of each and every employee is essential to avoid accidents in the workplace and to prevent occupational illnesses.


    • OH & S Management System Implementation
    • Safety KPIs
    • Workplace & Safety
    • HIRA
    • Safety Signage Standardization


    Zero Fatigue: Fatigue is a workplace hazard and can be associated with the safety and health of the worker. It affects the health and safety of the employee.


    • Scope Defining
    • Workplace Ergonomics Analysis different Technical Score (REBA, RULA, WAS, HARM, NIOSH, JSI, KIM, EAWS, RAMP)
    • OFI(Opportunities of Improvements) Points Sharing
    • Support in Workplace Design Modification
    • Final Audit


    Zero Effect:  To make the production process, product, environment friendly and good enough for social well being and sustainability of the environment.


    • Environment Policy
    • Effect Impact Analysis & Life Cycle Assessment
    • Energy Cost Optimisation
    • Waste Management & Control


    Zero Defect: Developing a product that has no defects but ensuring the quality standards and reducing the defects to a level of zero in the projects


    • Quality Management System Awareness
    • Quality Performance (Quality KPI Development &  Tracking )
    • Non-Conformities Identification & CAPA Implementation
    • Workplace Audit
    • 7 QC Tools & 7 Management Tools
    • Problem Solving & Poka Yoke
    • Root Cause Analysis


    Zero Loss: Zero Loss” is an aim/attempt to overcome such losses or minimize their effect up to great extent in order to reduce the manufacturing cost


    • Advance Lean Practices Implementation
    • Manpower Rationalization
    • Design & Process FMEA
    • APQP
    • Line Balancing


    Zero Delivery / Failure: To accomplish the task within the lead time without failure in inventory time, WIP storage, logistics cost, and mapping of the steps a company takes to complete a certain process.


    • Value Stream Mapping
    • Value Supply Chain Management
    • Inventory Analysis & Management
    • Process Mapping (BPM/BPR)


    • 100% Sustenance



    • Employee Training & Re-Training
    • DOJO Set-up
    • Training Content