Corporate Training Programs are a series of learning activities designed to educate employees to perform better on the job. As we know, the Manufacturing Sector is a fast-paced industry thus Manufacturing companies need to ensure that people working in these industries must possess strong leadership, solid processes, and technical proficiency which help boost the manufacturer’s productivity, decrease employee turnover and possibly solve the talent gap and optimize performance. 

Tetrahedron is the largest end-to-end Training provider with 350+ Training Modules specifically designed for Corporate Training Companies with a diverse experience of 16+ industries catering to the needs of all levels of management. The roadmap to your learning transformation journey starts by making sure to align your business and learning strategy. Tetrahedron’s expertise helps as a custom corporate training developer enables us to deliver impactful learning experiences that drive employee performance.

100+ Online Trainings For Manufacturing Employee.

These Training Modules are bifurcated into four categories i.e.

Why Tetrahedron For Training?

1. Our Trainers are having extensive training experience and 16+ Industries exposure, this equips them to convert concepts into relevant and applicable learning in the workplace. 

2. Every Training Program is highly customized as per the requirement of the clients.

3. Our training is 85% experiential-based, We bring in the experience of 16+Industries.

4. We not only assist in training & skill development but we help in the handholding of the projects as well.

5. We assist companies in the entire training process i.e. Competency Definition, Skill Mapping, TNI Assessment, Pre/Post Tests, performance measurement.

6. We have successfully delivered 10,000+ Hours of Training.

Our Training Methodologies

Case Studies

TNI Assessment

Skill Mapping

70% Activity Based

Q/A After Each Session

Interactive Session

Hand-Holding of Projects

Pre-Post Training

Training Content

Material Sharing Post

Why Choose us for value propositions

1. Differentiation / Highly Customized 

We understand the pain points (Client’s requirement) & then customize accordingly rather than sharing the same program with all clients.



2. Compelling Experience/ Project Hand-Holding 

We give a compelling experience rather than just Customer Service to our clients & they vouch for our services/experience.

3. Co-ordination  

Our coordination is transparent where the Client is aware of what is happening around Instead of only sharing files and reports which creates Confusion. By allowing autonomy to our clients on every step is how we plan to execute our operations.


4. Value Creation 

Enabling clients to be high-performing businesses and creating long–term relationships by being responsive, caring, and consistent delivery on deliverables.

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