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Design Thinking Course is a people-centered problem-solving tool that focuses on User, Collaboration, Co-creation, and stakeholders and their feedback for Creativity and Innovation. The key to the process is empathizing with the users to uncover unmet needs by understanding their beliefs, values, motivations, behaviors, pains, gains, and challenges and to provide innovative solution concepts.

Course Objective

  • Understand and apply the Design Thinking process
  • Work in a team to visualize and design a possible new product or service and to assess the market, business, and technical merits of that concept
  • Learn to listen to the voice of a customer (VoC) and empathize with them
  • To be able to assess risks in design assignments
  • Understand Design Thinking methodology

Who Should Attend

  • Innovator                                                
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Quality Managers                                  
  • NPD Engineer
  • Design & Development Managers        
  • Business Process Engineer
  • Problem Solving Managers

Benefits Of Attending

Innovation is a positive change. Innovation is moving forward and responding to the massive amounts of change we are encountering. In order to thrive as a company and/or individual, positive change and forward movement are key.

Everyone needs innovation to be able to change as the world around us changes. Design thinking training helps us to be more successful with our change by designing for and with the people we create our products, services, and programs…our customers and users!

Following are some of the benefits of the innovation and design thinking course:

  • Understand new techniques for working together, idea-generating and processing, and a new way of thinking about the process of innovation.
  • Know what is desirable from a human point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable.
  • Learn to make decisions based on what future customers really want instead of relying only on historical data or making risky bets based on instinct instead of evidence.

Training Outline

1. Introduction to Design Thinking
  – Introduction to Design Thinking
  – It is the only designer who thinks this way
  – The need to be people-centered, people-centered Design Methodology

2. Problem Discovery
  – Examine and Reflect on the Problem
  – Reconsider, and arrive at the right problem to solve
  – Strategic Priorities
  – Activity System
  – Stakeholder Mapping.

3. Research and Analysis
  – Research with Users and their Contexts
 – Question Framing and Conducting Research
 – Use Stories and Themes & Personas
 – Insight Statements
 – How might we Questions
 – Design Strategy Statement
 – Affinity Diagram
 – Conceptual Map
 – Guiding Criteria
 – Empathy Map
 – Blueprint

4. Concepting and Building
  – Generating Ideas-Co Creation
  – Decision Matrix
  – Top Five Ideas, Bundle Ideas and Create Concept
  – Volumetric Model
  – Staging
  – Scenarios and Storyboards
  – Rapid Prototyping
  – Service Prototyping

5. Testing, Refining, and Pitching
  – Importance of Testing with People
  – Testing Your Design with People
  – Conducting the Usability Test
  – Record Results, Enhance
  – Retest and Refine Design
  – Create a Pitch for your Design

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Feedback From Past Participants

  • Leading Ride Control Manufacturer
  • Leading Automotive HVAC Manufacturer
  • Automotive Gear Manufacturer
  • India’s Largest Jewellery Manufacturer
  • Medical Diagnostic Equip Manufacturer
  • Leading Electric Vehicle Manufacturer


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