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ISO 45001:2018 - Safety Management Systems & Occupational Health

ISO 45001 Safety Management System & Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management System is a new international standard iso for safety management provides a framework for an organization to manage risks and opportunities to help prevent work-related injury and ill health to workers.

iso 45001 oh&s

  • ISO 45001:2018 only focus on “ Human Safety in Workplace”.
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 (initial version OHSAS 18001:1999) is the predecessor to the recently released ISO standard ISO 45001:2018.
  • The OHSAS standard was recognized internationally but it is not an ISO standard.
  • This was recognized and hence the need to have a systematic structure for the management of the activities.
  • ISO 45001 was published March 12, 2018

ISO 45001 safety management system is intended to help organizations, regardless of size or industry type, in designing systems to proactively prevent injury and ill health.

Practical Steps to Create ZERO HARM Culture

zero harm culture

What is ZERO HARM Culture?

zero tolerance

Zero Tolerance towards Unsafe Situation (Unsafe Condition + Unsafe Act).


100% Cases (Incidents and Accidents) must be Investigated.

What is Risk?

Risk = Consequence resulting from the release of a hazard (Severity) x  Probability of the occurrence of that event (Probability)

What is HAZARD?

Anything or any situation that has the potential to cause harm, ill health and injury, damage to property, products or the Environment.

Five General Hazard Areas

All workplace hazards exist in five general areas. You can remember them by using the mnemonic, “MEEBS”.

1. Material – Liquid , Solid, Gases, etc.

2. Equipment – Machinery, tools, devices

3. Environment – Noise, radiation (non-ionizing and ionizing), humidity, temperature, atmospheres, workstation design

4. Biological – Anyone in the workplace (i.e., employees, guests, customers or contractors)

5. System – Flawed policies, programs, plans, processes, procedures, and practices

Benefits of adopting ISO 45001:2018

The benefits of adopting an ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health And Safety Management System for your business.

♦ Employees feel their needs and safety are being taken into             account.
♦ Reduce injuries and illness in the workplace.
♦ May help avoid legal costs and may even reduce insurance costs.
♦ Create a positive corporate culture supportive of prevention of         workplace injury and illness, as well as employee participation.

Get Your Organization ISO 45001:2018 Implemented With Tetrahedron’s ISO Consultant

TMS Unique Approach For ISO 45001:2018 Implementation

Phase 1 - Kick-off & GAP Study


♦ OHMS Awareness Training
♦ Initial Gap Audit
♦ Finding Presentation


♦ Training Man-hour
♦ Initial Gap Findings

Phase 2 - Preparation


♦ OHMS Policy & Scope Defining
♦ OHMS Committee Defining
♦ Roles & Responsibilities Defining
♦ OHMS Implementation Plan Communicating
♦ OHMS KPIs Defining & Target Setting
♦ Review Mechanism Planning
♦ Identify Critical Area/Product
♦ Developing OHMS Manual (Both Apex & Departmental Manual)
♦ OMS Communication Strategy Development
♦ Internal Auditing Team Identification 


♦ OHMS Policy
♦ OHMS Leader Team
♦ OHMS Leader Roles & Responsibilities
♦ OHMS KPIs & Tracking System
♦ Communication Strategy
♦ Review Mechanism
♦ Internal Auditor Team
♦ Departmental Quality Manual
♦ Apex Quality Manual

Phase 3 - Implementation


♦ OHSM Preventive Tool Training & Implementation (Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA)
♦ OHSM Corrective Tools Training & Implementation (Accident & Incident Investigation)
♦ Develop SOP for Critical to safety
♦ Implement all components of the OH&S management system


♦ Unsafe Act & Unsafe Condition Identifications
♦ No. of Hazards Identification
♦ No. of SOP developed

Phase 4 - Effectiveness & Measurement


♦ CAPA Effectiveness Measurement
♦ OHMS  KPI Review
♦ Pre-Assessment of the OHMS auditor 


♦ CAPA effectiveness Score
♦ Internal Auditor performance score
♦ Readiness for external Audit

Phase 5 - Handover & Celebration


♦ Correct Non Conformance
Celebration & Visiting
♦ Safety Visual Implementation with respect to ISO 7010


♦ No. of Safety Visual Implemented 

Why choose Us for ISO 45001 safety management system ?

Result Oriented – We are not only working for providing trainings but also do the practice work in respect of result oriented implementation of ISO.

Optimum Time/ Time Bounded – Everyone is aware of how drawn out the ISO certification procedure is! If certification takes too long, it is hard to stay motivated and concentrated. Not to worry! In most cases, we can help you become certified in less time than 90 days.

Cost Effective – We as an iso 45001 consultancy provide a lean, tailored ISO compliant management system, which results in significant cost savings on the implementation stage, which is sometimes disregarded yet is typically the most expensive phase of ISO compliance.

Training and Support in Implementation – TMS ‘s ISO Certification

Consultant are IRCA/CQI Certified & Highly Qualified, Who Train and Sensitize Employees on Requirement and Benefits of ISO System followed by helping in Documentation Processes, SOP Development & Implementation required for External Certification. Maintaining ISO compliance doesn’t have to be expensive at all! With a lean and compliant ISO quality consulting strategy, we further support for ISO Sustenance/ Surveillance Audit.

Certified & Dedicated Resource –   You can work together with TMS ISO 45001 consultancy or handle continuing compliance independently. Monitoring and internal audits are also included in our specialized ISO Consulting Service. Our Professionals Keeps an eye on your Quality Management System (QMS) to make sure it is functioning consistently and improving. We can also assist in easily bringing it into compliance with any upcoming revisions to the ISO standard.