Team, Time and Task Management Training & Seminars

“Team Management” refers to interact with various members of the team and bind them together to achieve the team goals.

“Time Management” is the method to divide the working hours in such a way that it covers the more important task of the project.

“Task Management” is used to delegate, track and execute the life-cycle of the task.

team, time and task management training

Course Objective

After going through Team Time and Task Management Analysis training participants will understand and learn about:

  • Learn about 7 Aspects of Team-Time-Task Management
  • Understand about awareness of self as a leader and a role model.
  • Learn about how to Develop MPs and CPs as per business
  • Learn about how to Measuring Effectiveness

Who Should Attend

  • Plant Head
  • Sales and Purchase Manager
  • Human Resources
  • Process and Planning Manager
  • Operations Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Supervisor

Benefits of Attending

Execute the organization or project with planning is not sufficient to achieve the goal. To successfully achieve organizational goals, it is very important to manage Team, Time, and Task efficiently.

Team Time and Task Management training workshop will offer the following benefits:

  • Recognize achievement, reward high performance, show generosity of spirit
  • Deliver project on time and provide better quality of work
  • Team will be more productive and efficient having less stress and anxiety
  • List-out all the task and track work performance of the team
  • Team becomes more productive and having much less Procrastination
  • Right task provided to the right candidate having required skill sets

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Workshop Modules

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for Team, Time And Task Management


1.Introduction to Team Time and Task Management
– 7 Aspects of Team-Time-Task Management;
– Concept of Role Definition,
– Clarity of Role, Responsibilities & Accountabilities

2.Cascading Company Goal to Departmental Target Establishing the Linkage Across The Value Chain

– Intern Linking the Company Goal with Departmental Goal & Individual’s
– Hoshin – Kanri: Convert Target into individual/departmental daily / periodic goals
– The X-Matrix Game

3.Developing MP & CP
– Introduction to MPs – Managing Points
– Introduction to CPs – Check Points
– Customizing MPs and CPs as per business
– The process to Optimize Resource
– Group Work on Work Identification and Allocation ( MP CP Linking)

4.Interdepartmental Coordination
– Business / Department Process Mapping
– Business Driver Finalisation ( for Departmental Level)
– MIS / Visual Management in DWM
– Role Play on Reporting and Feedback to Up Stream and Down Stream Department

5.IPER – 4 Stages for Effective Coordination and Collaboration
– Information Stage
– Preparation Stage
– Execution Stage
– Reporting and Recording Stage

6.Supporting Tools for TTT
– Measuring  Effectiveness by LSW
– Prioritisation Skill

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Feedback From Past Participants

“This workshop helped us to manage team, task, and time.

 “This workshop helped us to learn about MPs and Cps required for team and time management.”

“The Best thing about the training is that the guidance and strategies discuss in the workshop.”


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