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About Us:

Tetrahedron Manufacturing Services (TMS) is India’s one of the fastest-growing End-to-End Solution provider to 150+ Manufacturing Companies in 16 Different Industry Segments (Automotive & EV, Steel, Food, Textile & Garments, Agricultural Equipment & Implement, Cement, Medical Equipment, Leather & Footwear, Defense & Public Sector Enterprise, Chemical & Fertilizer, Pharmaceuticals, Gems & Jewelry, Logistics & Packaging, Heavy Engineering, Consumer Durables, Printing & Publication).

TMS supports its customers in Improving profitability and Sustenance by 3 different service verticals.

(Manufacturing Management, Automation & Industry 4.0, Training, and Skill Development), by designing, developing, implementing the focused solution.

TMS Expertise

1. Manufacturing Management Consulting We help manufacturing companies to improve their profitability by cost reduction through a series of tools like Manufacturing Excellence, Plant Layout Design, Manufacturing Audit, ISO Implementation, Energy Cost Reduction, Supply Chain & Logistics Cost Optimization, Competency Mapping, DOJO Implementation.

2. Automation and Industry 4.0 – Helping companies to identify, design, and implement Automation for Manpower cost reduction, Cycle time improvement, Material handling & Quality control. Industry 4.0 is extremely relevant and increasingly important in manufacturing. It helps manufacturers with current challenges by becoming more flexible and making reacting to changes in the market easier. It can increase the speed of innovation and is very consumer-centered, leading to faster design processes.

3. Training & Skill Development – We are having 300+ unique high-impact training modules on Technical, Process Improvement, Strategy, and Management modules. We have conducted 400+ programs for 11000+ participants.

We would also like to update you that we are officially associated with the leading IOT and Enterprise Asset Management service provider IBM Watson IoT. We would also like to explore opportunities with you for the implementation of Industry 4.0 at your facility.

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