Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing makes obvious what adds value, by reducing everything else (which not adding value) & Lean is about more than just cutting costs in the factory.

Lean hales to improve productivity, reduce manpower cost and improve quality in a single set of tools

lean manufacturing

Course Objective

Lean manufacturing is both a business improvement philosophy and a collection of well-proven tools to improve your production processes. Lean is about defining value as perceived by the customer, the actual features and services that they expect.

Who Should Attend

Manufacturing Managers

Product Engineers and Managers

Quality Engineers and Managers

Maintenance Manager

PPC  Managers

Technical Staff

Quality Professionals

Suppliers Quality Assurance

Benefits of Attending

Lean Manufacturing is a business improvement philosophy that has developed over many years (as well as a collection of lean manufacturing tools), it is a method to better focus your business on the true needs of the customer to help you prevent waste from being built into your system

Improved Customer Service: delivering exactly what the customer wants when they want it.

Improved Productivity: Improvements in throughput and value add per person.

Quality: Reductions in defects and rework.

Innovation: staff are fully involved so improved morale and participation in the business

Reduced Waste: Less transport, moving, waiting, space, and physical waste.

Improved Lead Times: Business able to respond quicker, quicker setups, fewer delays.

Improved Stock Turns Less work in progress and Inventory, so less capital tied up.

All of the above have financial impacts on your business, as well as helping you become a business that can better react to and meet your customer’s needs.

Workshop Agenda

Introduction to Lean

To understand the basic definition and approach for Lean

Benefits of implementing Lean

Wastology and Genesis of Waste

To Understand different Waste Creating Situation. The behavioral aspect of Lean and make organization ready for Lean Solutions

Preparation for Lean Methodology

(Work Place Management, 5S & Visual Management as the basis of Lean Implementation)

Lean in Material Movement

Arrow Diagram to identify waste in material movement in operation. Participants will make groups and select a project/area for  exercise

Lean in Human Activity

Operation Analysis Table to see human work & waste in operations. Participants will practice the tool for selected project/area

Lean in Man +Mc + Material

Standard Work  Chart to combine Material + Man + Machine work and waste

Principle for Motion Economy

Standard Techniques to improve Lean by Ergonomics

How to Conduct a Lean Audit

Comprehensive Waste Finding Checklist to visualize waste

Training Deliverables

Feedback From Past Participants

“This workshop has helped us find extra space in the existing infrastructure”

“Our Manpower productivity has improved up to 70%”

“ I never thought Lean will so easy to understand and implement”

“Must for all manufacturing personnel”

“Besides cost saving the practical approach is unique and easy to implement”

“This session is highly recommended for  all manages to develop a more structured approach towards quality”

“ The session was quite interesting with new tools and their applicability. The brainstorming session was very useful for all tools”

Know Your Trainer


B tech from NIT Rourkela, PGDM  from IIM Calcutta with 14+ yrs of intensive experience in various sector. He is a certified coach for Manufacturing Management and System Development

He has helped companies turn-around by implementing Manufacturing Excellence through Lean, Statistical Quality Control, Six Sigma, Strategy Management

He is a passionate reader and have inclination to solve complex business problems within very short span of time.

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