5s Safety Training in Workplace | Lean Training

The 5S methodology helps a workplace remove items that are no longer needed (sort), organize the items to optimize efficiency and flow (straighten), clean the area in order to more easily identify problems (shine), implement color coding and labels to stay consistent with other areas (standardize) and develop behaviors that keep the workplace organized over the long term (sustain).

5s training

Course Objective

After going through the 5s training program participants will understand and learn about:

  • Understand the basic principles of 5S
  • Learn how to ensure sustained 5s implementation
  • To create efficient, standardized, and safe environments and systems
  • To identify problems and eliminate them
  • Basic principles of the workstation organization
  • Practical implementation of the 5S lean
  • Understand how to follow-up and deploy the initiated actions

Who Should Attend

  • Human Resources
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Warehouse Department
  • Supervisors
  • Process  Engineers
  • Line Engineers


Benefits Of Attending

5S is a simple but transformative workplace organization method. It has helped organizations worldwide increase and sustain high levels of efficiency, saving vast amounts of time and money. 5S Lean is a methodology to improve efficiencies and enhance operational performance.

The 5S training course will offer the following benefits:

  • Improve inventory levels
  • Reduce inventory cost
  • Create an extra workspace and ensures 5s in the workplace
  • Improve safety
  • Decrease downtime
  • Develop control through visual cues
  • Boost employee morale through empowerment and accountability
  • Identify problems faster
  • Promote stronger communication among teams

Training Outline

1. Introduction to 5S Management Technique
  – Introduction

  – Understanding 5S-Sort-Set In Order-Shine-Standardize-Sustain
  – Why 5S
  – What is Not 5S, Benefits of 5S implementation
  – Making Roadmap for 5S Implementation
  – Formation of 5S Committee 
  – Set-Up of 5S Zones-Horizontal Vertical
  – Group Exercise

2. Practicing SORT-1S
  – 1S -Sorting Tools  & techniques for 1S ( Red Tag and other tools)

  – 1S-Check Sheet
  – Guidelines
  – Potential Impacts
  – Actual Examples
  – Group Exercise

3. Practicing SET IN ORDER-2S
  – 2S -Set in order Tool and techniques(format and Templates)
  – 1S+2SAudit sheet

  – Guidelines
  – Potential Impacts
  – Actual Examples
  – Group Exercise

4. Practicing-SHINE-3S
  – What is 3S

  – 3S planning and review
  – Tools and techniques for 3S Implementation
  – Guidelines
  – Potential Impacts
  – Actual Examples
  – Group Exercise

5. Practicing -STANDARD-4S
   – What is 4S

   – 4S planning and review
   – Tools and techniques for 4S Implementation
   – How to Start New Initiative in an organization
   – 7 Infrastructure of New Initiative (Strategy for Sustenance)

6. Practicing -SUSTAIN-4S
  – What is 5S

  – 5S planning and review
  – Tools and techniques for 5S Implementation
  – Guidelines
  – Potential Impacts
  – Actual Examples
  – Group Exercise

7. 5S Self Assessment
  – Objectives of 5S Self Assessment

  – Guidelines for 5S Self – Assessment
  – 5S Audit Checklists
  –  Audit Summary Sheet
  – KPIs for Continual Improvement

Training Deliverables











Feedback From Past Participants

This workshop helps us to recognize the techniques to improve inventory levels & reduce inventory cost.”

“This workshop introduces the 5S method and will have the knowledge to champion the technique at work.”

“The trainer guidance has helped us to take reasonable steps to eliminate waste & enhance operational performance.”


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