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Category Management is a strategic and structured approach to the procurement of goods and services and ensures the procurement function deliverers enhanced value to the organization.Contributing to the development and achievement of your organizational goals, category management delivers high performance from your supply market and an optimized supply chain.

Course Objective

After going through Strategic Sourcing & Category Management training participants will understand and learn about:

  • Understand the nuances of category management.
  • Learn how to link contractual terms with the category strategy.
  • Gain an overview of category management as an approach to reduce the cost of buying and increasing overall value from the supply base.
  • Understand why category management is an essential start to strategic procurement.
  • Understand the role of category managers.

Who Should  Attend

Top Managements  Commodity ManagersSupply chain Analyst Contract Managers
Sourcing ManagerSupply Chain ManagersCategory Manager

Benefits of Attending

Category management is a way of driving and delivering value, growth and innovation and yet most companies struggle with the transition from strategic sourcing to effective category management. Improving the category management function not only makes for a smooth handoff, it helps feed continued improvements in strategic sourcing.

Strategic Sourcing & Category Management training workshop will offer following benefits:

  • Apply Category Management to key areas of spend.
  • Establish a cross-functional team and engage the business.
  • Have confidence to deal with a variety of category implementation and management challenges.
  • More confidence in the deployment of specific tools which may be appropriate at each phase.
  • Develop strategies to manage demand as well as supplier performance and demonstrate appropriate behaviors to achieve desired category outcomes.
  • Be capable of pitching the benefits of category management to stakeholders.

Workshop Agenda


What is Category Management?, Category formation, Category teams, Category strategies, Technology as an enabler, Challenges of category management, Benefits of category management

Category Management Process

An Outline of the Category Management Process, Implementation of the Category Strategy, Category Strategy

Developing the Category Strategy

Scope of Plan, Business Needs & Requirements, Source Selection Factors, Market & Industry Analysis, Identify & Classify Industry, Using Porters Five Forces, Market Structure, Category Cost Drivers, Risk Identification and Mitigation, Supplier Capabilities, Category Sourcing

8- Step Strategic Sourcing Process

Category Make/Buy Criteria, Category Benchmarking, Introducing New Manufacturing or Service Technology, Conduct Spend Analysis, Establish Goals, Implementation Outline, Sourcing Projects & Savings Tracking

Procurement structure at category level

Integration mechanisms, Economies of scale, Economies of information and learning, Economies of process, Responsibility of managing synergies

Strategic and Global Sourcing

Sourcing Process, Category Sourcing, Different Types of Categories, Definition of Supply Chain, Supplier Selection Process, Supplier Criteria, Global Sourcing, Advantages of Global Sourcing, Disadvantages of Global Sourcing, Identifying and Selecting Sources, Target Country Analysis as Enabler of Strategic Sourcing, Organizational structure, Procurement structure , Category team, Organization-wide processes, Spend analytics, E-procurement tools

Case Study

Company Analysis, Product Analysis, Company Interview analysis, Responsible Sourcing, Designing the procurement structure at category level

Feedback From Past Participants

“The trainer guidance has helped us to understand  the role of the category manager during the process and give examples of how value may be added at each phase.”

“This workshop helped us to build strong, trustworthy relationships with existing and new vendors.”

 “This workshop had the knowledge about risk identification and mitigation in sourcing.”

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