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Supplier Relationship Management has become a critical enabler of business performance, whether in the public or private sector, with the potential to drive both value and reputation.

To compete and survive in an ever-changing environment, the role of your supply base and the way you engage with, and manage, your key suppliers must change too.

Course Objective

After going through Supplier Relationship Management training participants will understand and learn about:

  • Understand your supply chain and how to measure and manage different supplier segments.
  • Learn methodologies to improve stakeholder engagement and deliver great communications.
  • Be able to implement tools that bring effective governance to your organization.
  • Deliver effective exit processes for under performing suppliers.
  • Understand the contract life-cycle and how relationship management fits within it.

Who Should Attend :

Supplier Relationship Managers          Sourcing Managers

Supply Chain Analysts                         Supply Chain Managers

Business Relationship Managers         Business Unit Managers

Sales & Purchasing managers

Benefits of Attending

Supplier Relationship Management combined with Operational Excellence allows organizations to effectively manage those suppliers who are important to you and unlock value.

It also includes developing Strategic Collaborative Relationships with the critical few suppliers who could make a profound difference to your business, both now and in the future.

Supplier Relationship Management training workshop will offer following benefits:

  • Apply a series of approaches to better manage a supplier.
  • Put in place arrangements to manage a supplier relationship as appropriate.
  • Apply simple contract management principles.
  • Conduct a supplier review meeting.
  • Manage supplier performance and deal with issues or the need for improvement.
  • Develop joint working approaches for strategic relationships to collaborate on key initiatives.
  • Identify how a strategic supplier can help drive business growth or create competitive advantage.

Workshop Agenda

Introduction to Supplier Relationship Management

  • Introduction to Supplier Relation Management (SRM)
  • Supplier segmentation and what makes some suppliers important or strategic
  • Supplier Performance Measurement and developing KPIs
  • Developing a framework for implementing SRM
  • Governance for SRM

Strategies for Supplier Relationship Management

  • Supplier improvement programs
  • Supplier performance measurement
  • Creating targets and assessment of performance
  • Developing escalation model for handling deviation of performance

Supplier Development and Engagement Programs

  • Organizing Supplier workshops
  • Initiating Challenging Projects
  • Creating Improvement charters
  • Mapping and Measuring
  • Developing the Process
  • Achieving Results
  • Controlling the Process
  • Securing innovation from supply base
  • Recognizing the Team

Techniques for Supplier Communication

  • Making supplier communication more consistent
  • Use of supplier portals
  • Use of supplier conference
  • Supplier Awards program

Feedback From Past Participants

“The trainer guidance has helped us to understand supply chain and how to measure and manage different supplier segments.”

“This workshop helped us to better understanding of supplier performance measurement and developing KPIs.”

 “This workshop had the knowledge of developing escalation model for handling deviation of performance.”

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