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Lean Management 

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Quality Management System Audit :


It’s a systematic examination of adherence to quality management system (ISO 9001:2015) in a particular organization .

Lean Audit :


It’s a systematic examination of adherence to standard lean practices of the manufacturing workmen in a particular organization .

Safety Management System Audit :


It’s a systematic examination of adherence to workplace safety management system (ISO 45001:2018) in a particular organization .

Workplace Ergonomics Audit :


It’s a systematic examination of adherence to right ergonomics practices and workstation designing (ISO 6385:2016) in a particular organization.

Energy Management System Audit :


It’s a systematic examination of adherence to energy management system (ISO 50001:2018) in a particular organization .

Supplier Audit:


It’s a systematic & combined examination of adherence to the system in the direction of Quality, Safety, Workplace Ergonomics, lean practices,energy.

Manufacturing Audit Detailed Approach

Step 1
-OH&SMS Documents Audit
-Visitor Safety Audit
-Work Permit System (WP)Audit
-Process Safety, Material Audit, Machine Safety Audit
-Material Handling Safety Audit
-Tools & Tackles Audit
-Fire Audit (Exit & Ignition Source)
-Emergency Preparedness Plan & Equipment’s Audit
-Storage Area Safety
-Lightening (LUX Audit) & Sound/Noise Audit
-Electrical Safety Audit
-House Keeping Audit
-Infrastructure Safety Audit
-Medical & First Aid Facility Audit
-PPE & Safety Equipment Audit
Create a Safe Workplace-Occupational Health & Safety Audit   Report Sharing
-OH & Findings Presentation
-Awareness of Safety Tools like HIRA Accident/Incident Investigation, LOTO
Step 2
-Workplace Scope Defining
-Workplace Ergonomics Analysis through best tools likes REBA, RULA, OWAS, HARM, NIOSH, JSI, KIM, EAWS, RAMP so on.
Reduce Human Fatigue-Ergonomics Gap Audit Report Sharing
-Financial Analysis of OFIs
-Audit Findings Presentation
-Best Ergonomics Practices Training
Step 3
-Workplace NVA Audit based upon the Lean theme: Transportation, Inventory, Movement, Waiting/Delay, Over-processing, Overproduction, Defects
Reduce Non-Value-Adding-No. NVA Identified
-Lean Audit Report sharing
-Financial Analysis of OFIs

Case Studies

Quality Management System Audit

( Leading Sole Manufacturer (Noida))


Challenges : (Before Tetrahedron )

  • No QMS awareness among the employee
  • No standard templates were followed
  • No Proactive quality tool like PFMA was developed

Approaches :

Tetrahedron conducted the initial QMS gap audit .Shared the findings with the management and staff team. TMS QMS  Consultant trained the team on Process FMEA tool and developed jointly with the team , and helped the team to identify the potential failure mode of the sole.

Results :

  • Training and hand holding for PFMEA development.
  • 50+ Non-conformance points, 150+ observation & 30 Opportunities points identified
  • Trained employee on each clauses of the QMS.




Energy Audit

(Leading Door & Windows Manufacturer (Rudrapur))


Challenges : (Before Tetrahedron )

  • High Energy Cost
  • 40% machine breakdown due to air pressure down

Approaches :

Tetrahedron conducted a Level 3 energy audit on the plant set up. Tetrahedron energy expert identify the inefficient devices which are consuming more energy and suggested the energy efficient devices.

Results :

  • 30% Energy consumption cost reduced
  • 12 new energy efficient pump implemented
  • Training done on Energy Management System                     


Benefits of Manufacturing Audit

  • Scope of opportunities (OFIs) identification
  • Developing effective & robust system
  • High employee awareness
  • Introducing new tools & techniques in the current system
  • Keep updated
  • Adhere to the industrial standard
  • Employee skill improvement
  • Process Improvement
  • Improve commitment towards achieving organizational goal
  • Reduction in cost of non-conformance (CONC)

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