Employee Engagement In Manufacturing

 Aligning Employees Mindset For Manufacturing Excellence

 Enabling Employee By Skill & Competency Enhancement

Empowering Employee For Taking Initiatives

Employee Engagement & Sustenance In Manufacturing

Employee engagement in manufacturing industry is the first and foremost initiative for any company that wants to implement Manufacturing Excellence successfully as it is the mutual commitment between an organization and an employee assisting each other in achieving their goals and expectations.

Employee engagement is essential for the success of any organization due to its correlation with increased productivity and profitability. Employee engagement results in improved productivity, better safety, and greater customer satisfaction. Employee engagement can significantly affect a business’s profits and bottom line, and truly make or break the future of a company.

Employee Engagement Multiple FASSETS

  • Aligning the thought process of the employees towards Manufacturing Excellence 
  • Enabling all the employees to successfully understand, implement different tools & techniques   
  • Supporting employees for taking initiatives   

Aligning The Thought Process Of The Employees Towards Manufacturing Excellence

process of employee engagement


Every employee desires to be recognized and rewarded for each of their responsibilities. Aligning the mindset of the different employees to be recognized and rewarded and mapping with Manufacturing Excellence initiatives is the first core responsibility of Manufacturing Excellence Experts. 

According to a recent study, engaged employees have productivity rates that are 70% higher than those of non-engaged workers. They also enjoy a 78% higher safety record, 70% lower employee turnover, 86% greater customer satisfaction, and 44% greater profitability. Refer : (www.manufacturing global.com)

Enabling All The Employees To Successfully Understand & Implement Different Tools & Techniques

manufacturing employee engagement


As Excellence by itself is defined as a journey not as a destination, during the process of ME implementation Tetrahedron helps employees to acquire 360 Degree skills those help not only for ME implementation but also in their future career ambitions. 

Tetrahedron helps management and employees in understanding the “Why” part first of an initiative and then the “How” part of the initiative, in a way the management can confidently depend on the employees to execute critical tasks of Manufacturing Excellence.

Tetrahedron’s Manufacturing approaches:

career progression

1) Career Progression of Employee by imparting relevant competencies for successful implementation of M.E

achieveing financial benefits

2) Additional Financial Benefits for achieving results of Manufacturing Excellence

management initiatives listen to employee concerns

3) Management Initiatives to listen to the Employee Concerns

Supporting Employees For Taking Initiatives

support employee talkative


While enabling employees to acquire relevant skills and competencies for Manufacturing Excellence Tools and techniques, Tetrahedron also supports to develop of the Risk-Taking ability of employees and to help mitigate the risks by periodic course corrections.

Employees take initiative only when they feel they are skilled, their views are respected, they are confident of getting required management support.