Zero Delivery Failure

 Value Stream Mapping

Value Supply Chain Management

Inventory Analysis & Management

Zero Delivery Failure

In the Zero Delivery Process, we possess zero delivery defects in the entire process with the help of different tools that showcase the outcomes of minimum delivery failures. Analyzing the prior activity before any failures or loss in inventory time, WIP storage, lead time, could affect the entire process. Like, if you’re not receiving shipments as quickly as you should, you won’t be able to serve your customers as well as you could and you’ll lose revenue in the process. Factors that can impact lead time include lack of raw materials, breakdown of transportation, labour shortages, natural disasters, and human errors.

Different tools used to identify the failure in the Delivery Process:


1) Value Stream Mapping

Value supply chain management

2) Value Supply Chain Management

Inventory analysis & Management

3) Inventory Analysis & Management

Process Mapping

4) Process Mapping (BPM/BPR)

Framework For Zero Delivery Failure Process

1) Involve the team and identify the stakeholders

2) Document as much information as possible when studying the process

3) Keep the flowchart as simple as possible

4) Be careful when making assumptions

5) Use the software/fish-bone diagram to draw the flowchart

6) Start with the end (Goal) in mind 

There are many factors synchronized with the manufacturing process like man, material, methods, and machinery along with customer satisfaction. All of these functions essentially feed the core process of production scheduling with the goal of delivering to customers what they need, when they need it. We can analyze to eliminate production waste to improve delivery performance while increasing productivity, inventory turns, and profit.