Zero Fatigue In Manufacturing

Improved Safety

 Increased Productivity

Worker Health

According to the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, fatigue in the workplace can result in “slowed reaction time, reduced vigilance, reduced decision-making ability, poor judgment, distraction during complex tasks, and loss of awareness in critical situations.” To tackle such activities there are different varieties of fatigue management methods to tackle these, some of them are ergonomics tools.

Ergonomics and  Work-Place Design: According to a recent survey, the major reason for low productivity in the manufacturing industry is the health-related problems of the workforce and Safety concerns of workers. In layman’s terms, Ergonomics means fitting the job to the worker’s capabilities or One can say Ergonomics is the science of designing the job to fit the worker, rather than physically forcing the worker’s body to fit the job.

Types Of Ergonomics

Physical Ergonomics

Physical Ergonomics

cognitive ergonomics

Cognitive Ergonomics

organizational ergonomics

Organizational Ergonomics

Benefits of Ergonomics


1. Improved Safety – The most common issue being faced in an industry is the injuries of the workers. Ergonomics reduces the risk of workers’ injury and improves overall safety.

2. Increased Productivity – Ergonomics evaluations primarily aim at decreasing the risk factors but somewhere it also helps in increasing productivity.

   For Example

A worker in Factory A – Lifts the items from the floor to place them on the other side.

A worker in Factory B – With the help of an ergonomically designed Machine the items are bought within the reach of the worker without pinching, pushing, or pulling. 

So, In Factory B the improved work process resulted in decreased cycle time by 10%, which results in increased productivity.

3. Worker Health – Bending, Twisting, Turning, and Heavy lifting results in painful injuries to the workers. Effective ergonomics reduce the risk of worker injury and maintains or improves their health allowing workers to perform their work and enjoy an improved quality of life outside of work. There are many other benefits of the Ergonomic Manufacturing Process in an Organization.