Discover our contributions to our customers' business growth.

We’ve had the privilege of partnering with a diverse array of inspiring businesses driven by meaningful missions. Below, you’ll find a curated list of our top brand collaborations that we’re truly proud to showcase. 

Optimize Factory Layout for Efficient Space Use

Merino Laminates ( stands as a premier supplier, manufacturing top-quality laminates including HPL, Compacts, Panels, wall cladding, and various Surface Solutions Products. Tetrahedron successfully executed Plant Layout & Space Optimization at Merino, reducing material travel distance from 4,775 m to 3,203 m, achieving a 33% decrease. The optimization of Merino Unit-I’s furniture section through TMS resulted in saving 7,950 sqft, a notable 24.3% space optimization in the new 41,000 sqft facility. 

Manufacturing Excellence for Enhanced Productivity

Romsons (, a leader in manufacturing disposable medical devices, partnered with Tetrahedron for manufacturing consulting project. Our major focus was increasing productivity, improving the workplace, & enhancing quality through Manufacturing Excellence. Notable achievements include reclaiming 1155 sq. ft. through diligent 5S efforts, 22% increase in productivity, 59% reduction in waste using 7QC Tools, annual cost savings exceeding 6.6 lakhs through Kaizen practices. Our commitment is evident in 32% reduction in 

Manufacturing Excellence Implementation

Apollo Pipes Ltd’s ( Dadri Unit, a cutting-edge manufacturing facility, produces top-quality pipes with advanced technology & commitment to excellence. Tetrahedron successfully implemented Lean Manufacturing – TPM, achieving substantial operational enhancements. Through diligent 5S efforts, we reclaimed 1155 sq. ft. Our lean practices resulted in notable 22% productivity increase, 59% waste reduction using 7QC Tools, & annual cost savings exceeding 6.6 lakhs. Our dedication is evident in remarkable 32% reduction in changeover time, showcasing continuous improvement.

Manufacturing Excellence: Safety Kaizen

Tetrahedron has done Manufacturing Excellence at Edgetech (, a leading FCU and AHU manufacturer in India. Layout optimization yielded 6,000 sq. ft. of space, enabling seamless integration of new laser cutting and bending machine. The 1S Drive initiative created 3,629 sq. ft. of organized space. Red Tagging activities boosted finances, 20% reduction in material handling distance saved time and energy, Safety KAIZENs were implemented, 30 Lean ideas being planned for shop floor productivity improvement. Tetrahedron’s intervention also traced, reduced dead stock inventory, identified 68% excess inventory stock.

Optimizing Plant Layout for Aluminum Manufacturing Company

Hindalco ( stands as India’s largest aluminum manufacturing company, a global leader in flat-rolled products, & prominent aluminum recycler. Tetrahedron has undertaken logistic & plant layout project for an existing factory within Hindalco’s extensive operations. Strategically placing machines, processes, and plant services for enhanced productivity. This initiative streamlines production & aligns layout seamlessly with our goal of maximizing productivity.

Material Flow Design (Plant Layout)- Brown & Green Field Project

APAR (, a key player in aluminum and third-largest in transformer oil, partnered with Tetrahedron for Plant Layout project, encompassing both “green field & brown field” scenarios. Diligently analyzing layouts, Tetrahedron optimized spatial constraints, reduced handling costs, bolstered throughput efficiency. Our Material Flow Design expertise at APAR aligns with goals, emphasizing expense reduction & productivity enhancement.

matrix_clothingMaterial Handling Optimization & Automation

Matrix Clothing ( is a distinguished fashion brand known for its trendsetting designs and high-quality apparel, offering a stylish blend of comfort and elegance. Tetrahedron successfully implemented a Material Handling Optimization & Automation program at Matrix Clothing Pvt. Ltd. Our accomplishments include identifying over 100+ low-cost automation opportunities and securing approvals for 80+ solutions after thorough technical and commercial feasibility tests.

IPCLEnergy Cost Reduction and Bill Optimization

Investment and Precision Casting Limited (IPCL) ( is a distinguished company celebrated for precision casting and unwavering commitment to quality production. Tetrahedron successfully executed an energy cost reduction project at IPCL, achieving an impressive 40% reduction in monthly energy bills. The initiative resulted in substantial monthly cost savings of approximately 40,000 INR, down from the initial 80,000 INR.

Smart Lock For Theft Prevention

Fenesta ( is the largest uPVC and Aluminium Windows & Doors Manufacturer & Supplier in India. Tetrahedron has helped Fenesta to develop a Smart Lock based on the IoT segment for theft prevention. Our developed Smart Lock device sends instant notifications to owners upon detecting door lock and unlock events, enhancing real-time security awareness. This feature-rich solution not only provides keyless access control but also offers a heightened level of connectivity, making it an indispensable component for those seeking a reliable and versatile for  home security.

Dojo Room Development

Shakti Hormann ( formerly known as Shakti Met-Dor has been pioneers in India for Hollow Metal Doors and is well known for its range of Fire Rated Doors. Tetrahedron has completed the Dojo Room Development project for Shakti Hormann. This Dojo Room includes levels such as Know My Company Dojo, Safety Dojo, 5 Senses Dojo, Product Dojo, Production Dojo, Quality Dojo, Maintenance Dojo, Process Dojo, Ergonomics Dojo, & Innovation Dojo. The Dojo Room levels serve as distinct modules, each focusing on aspects like company knowledge, safety protocols, sensory awareness.

Safety Management For Steel Manufacturer Company

Jai Balaji Group ( is an Indian conglomerate primarily engaged in steel production, with interests in power, mining, & infrastructure sectors. Jai Balaji Industries trusts our Safety Management Consulting services for comprehensive safety solutions. Tetrahedron consultants and Jai Balaji: Strengthening safety with robust protocols and a well-being culture. With precise assessments, we’ve elevated safety standards through tailored recommendations.

SalasarEnergy Cost Reduction For Steel Industry

Salasar Alloy and Steel Industries ( is a  distinguished company in Nagpur, excelling in production of high-quality alloys & steel products for diverse industrial applications. Tetrahedron successfully executed an Energy Cost Reduction initiative, achieving an annual savings opportunity of 176 Lakhs. The substantial Total Operational Cost (TOD) shift amounted to 7,724,700 INR. Our comprehensive efforts included Heat Loss Analysis, Power Consumption Optimization, Pump Efficiency, etc.

Workplace Safety: Strategic Risk Mitigation

Hero Motors ( is a renowned automotive company, recognized for its innovation and excellence in producing motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles. Tetrahedron successfully completed a safety project at Hero Motors, achieving remarkable results. These include an 83% reduction in industry injuries, 97% timely investigations, correction of 5000+ hazards, implementation of 9000+ safety Kaizen initiatives, and recording over 100 near-miss cases, enhancing overall workplace safety.

Manufacturing Excellence Implementation

Hero Motors (, a renowned Indian motorcycle manufacturer, is recognized for its innovation and steadfast commitment to fuel-efficient, reliable vehicles. Tetrahedron executed a Manufacturing Excellence project, focusing on Workplace Improvement (1S, 2S, 3S activities) & Productivity Enhancement (Time & Motion Study, Line Balancing, Workplace Ergonomics). Our project roadmap ensures comprehensive improvement in manufacturing processes.

Zero Incidents, Zero Accidents: Safety Standards in Manufacturing

Electrotherm (India) Limited ( has been dedicated to developing the core sectors of the Indian economy through Greenfield and Brownfield investments. Tetrahedron achieves a ‘Zero Incident & Zero Accident‘ milestone at Electrotherm (India) Limited. Proven safety management systems result in a 20-40% reduction in injury and illness costs, as endorsed by OSHA, underlining the commitment to workplace well-being.

Manufacturing Excellence Through Time and Motion Study

Bhurji Supertek ( is a leading Gurgaon-based manufacturer offering services in Plastic Product Designing, Plastic Moulding Parts, Electric Irons, Water Heaters, and Hand Blenders, etc. Tetrahedron has successfully executed Time and Motion study project, enhancing Manufacturing Excellence at Bhurji. This initiative resulted in a remarkable 40% increase in production efficiency, underscoring our unwavering commitment to operational excellence.

Training Workshop – Daily Work Management

Relaxo ( Trendsetting footwear brand offering stylish, comfortable, and affordable options for men, women, and kids in India. Tetrahedron has provided comprehensive training to the Relaxo team on Daily Work Management (DWM), emphasizing a profound understanding of key principles and concepts essential for effective work management. Participants learned to cut waste, prioritize, manage time, delegate tasks effectively. The training emphasized efficient team communication & data-driven performance improvement.

Maximize Manufacturing Excellence for Efficiency, Quality, and Savings

UNISOL ( brand has become a trusted name for world class quality footwear soles, not only in India but globally. Tetrahedron spearheaded a transformative project at Unisol, focusing on implementing 5S, Kaizen Strategy, OEE Improvement, and TPM-JH Pillar. These methodologies collectively maximized efficiency, enhanced quality, achieved significant cost savings. Tetrahedron’s commitment to manufacturing excellence was evident throughout process, ensuring sustainable improvements and operational 

2 Days (4 Hr Each Training on ESG)

Wipro ( is an Indian multinational IT services company, providing technology solutions, consulting, and outsourcing services globally. Wipro Limited engaged in Tetrahedron’s intensive two-day Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) training, with four-hour sessions each day. Our program provides Wipro’s team with in-depth insights into ESG principles, promoting responsible business practices. This investment underscores Wipro Limited’s dedication to sustainability and ethical governance, establishing itself as a leader in corporate responsibility.

Training on Industry 4.0

HCL Technologies ( is an Indian multinational IT services and consulting company, offering a range of technology solutions and services globally. Tetrahedron provided advanced Industry 4.0 training to HCL Technologies, empowering their workforce with the latest advancements in smart manufacturing and technology integration. Our tailored program covers key Industry 4.0 concepts, including IoT, AI, and automation. By investing in this training, HCL Technologies is poised to lead in the era of smart manufacturing, ensuring innovation and competitiveness in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Workshop: Data Warehousing & Project Selection

Titan Company Limited ( is an Indian conglomerate renowned for its diverse consumer goods, including watches, jewelry, eyewear, and accessories. Titan Company Ltd engaged in our comprehensive Training Workshop in Delhi for Data Warehousing & Management (DWM) & Preliminary Project Selection Visit. This tailored program equips Titan’s team with essential skills, knowledge in DWM, ensuring they are well-prepared for efficient project selection processes. 

Six Sigma Training for Green Belt and Yellow Belt

MMTC – PAMP India Private Limited ( manufactures and refines precious metals. The Company offers gold and silver products. Tetrahedron has provided MMTC with two comprehensive training programs, namely Training Six Sigma Green Belt and Training Six Sigma Yellow Belt. Initiatives for operational efficiency, continuous improvement, and empowering employees for role excellence in their respective roles.

Onsite Training 6 Sigma

Subros (, a leading automotive air conditioning systems provider, prioritizes comfort & innovation globally. Subros Limited has significantly benefited from Tetrahedron’s on-site Six Sigma training program. Tailored to elevate operational efficiency & quality standards, our training equips Subros team with comprehensive Six Sigma tools & methodologies, fostering profound comprehension of process improvement & waste reduction.

Training : Daily Work Management

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ( Japanese automaker known globally for performance, innovation, and sustainability. Mitsubishi has participated in Tetrahedron’s training program on Daily Work Management. This comprehensive training equips their team with effective strategies for daily workflow optimization, productivity enhancement. This program ensures Mitsubishi Industries adeptly navigates daily operational complexities.